Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

When you talk about The Chariot in Tarot, the first proposed astrological association you’re likely to hear will be the Sign of Cancer. As with any of these suggested linkages, there are pros, and there are cons. The Pros. Both symbols describe a vulnerable character surrounded by an armored shell. A human charioteer inside a … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

The Four Elements in Tarot

The more I study both Tarot and Astrology, the more I lean hard on the Four Elements system. I find it to be tremendously helpful in decoding all the messages that come through, and keeping things consistent from reading to reading, and from one discipline to the next. On the down side, it’s made me … More The Four Elements in Tarot

Gender (Im)Balance in Tarot Cards

Tarot is so profound because in so many, many ways, it serves as a sort of microcosm for the entire human experience.  78 cards somehow manage to capture the infinite possibilities of our days… But then again, Tarot does fall down in one certain area: gender balance.  In the real world, we have an almost … More Gender (Im)Balance in Tarot Cards


We got into a great bit of side-chatter in last night’s inaugural Tarot Toolkit session about initiations and initiatory rites: putting yourself through some kind of exacting ordeal so as to evolve and ascend. The Hanged Man always embodies this concept for me. In fact, in this deck, the equivalent card is even called “Sacrifice.” … More Initiation…

Tarot Tip: Reading Space

Obviously, it’s not always possible to trick out a given area before you get busy with your cards. For example, if you’re reading for someone in a coffee shop, you can’t really violate local fire codes by setting up handfuls of candles and incense, and you can’t demand that the local populace shut its collective … More Tarot Tip: Reading Space

The Tarot 10’s

I’ve been so focused lately on putting together the online Tarot course I’ll soon be co-teaching with the fabulous Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot, that I’ve been neglecting this space.  I’ve been running a series of posts on Instagram, though, and as a resolution for the New Year, will be doing my level best … More The Tarot 10’s