Find Your Guides

Have you ever overheard people talking about their “Guides,” but you had no idea what that meant? Have you stumbled across metaphysical types claiming to be guided by forces that might include Goddesses, Gods, Angels, Archangels, Demons, Saints, Ghosts, Ancestors, Elementals, Plant Spirits, Animal Spirits, creatures from folklore and mythology, the Fairy Folk, or even … More Find Your Guides

“From Where to Eternity…?”

Yesterday, I posted about how I’d been invited to attend a seance in the evening, and so I felt it might be kind of cliffhanger-y and unfair to not give some accounting here today as to how it went, and what transpired… First of all, I should say that I was not at all involved … More “From Where to Eternity…?”

Ask Your Guides

I’ve always been deeply interested in what we might call the “transmundane” — the stuff that exists beyond our everyday, physical world.  As a youngster, I immersed myself in the dreamscapes of comic books and cartoons that portrayed all manner of fantastical worlds and mind-bending superpowers, and as I got older, I dove into genre … More Ask Your Guides