Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

Over a century ago, there was this group of mystics in England who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often shorthanded by us modern types into just the “Golden Dawn” or even the “GD”). Their work still pervades almost every corner of present-day Tarot, and one of the more interesting things that … More Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

The Hanged Man: Perspectives on Pain

One of my favorite cards – The Hanged Man – came up in a client reading yesterday. It led to a really interesting discussion about suffering. I was asking if a certain pattern of suffering was the result of the client maybe somehow romanticizing that particular brand of pain. This then brought up the question … More The Hanged Man: Perspectives on Pain

Planetary Cards

This is a more Astro-advanced follow-up to the Zodiac Cards exercise. It requires that you know a bit about your birthchart. The idea is to explore the cards that correspond to the Planets that have the greatest influence in your chart. For me, those Planets would be Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury…and the cards that correspond … More Planetary Cards

Affinity Cards

One of the latest homework assignments in the Tarot Toolkit online course is to work with your Affinity Cards. These are the ones that, pretty much right from the get-go, have jumped out at you as being especially intriguing, appealing, and all-around sensational. You like them…you want to hang out with them…maybe you want to … More Affinity Cards


We got into a great bit of side-chatter in last night’s inaugural Tarot Toolkit session about initiations and initiatory rites: putting yourself through some kind of exacting ordeal so as to evolve and ascend. The Hanged Man always embodies this concept for me. In fact, in this deck, the equivalent card is even called “Sacrifice.” … More Initiation…

Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

More than a century ago, a group of brilliant occultists came together in the British Isles to generate a body of work that still informs modern metaphysics today. This small secret society called themselves The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often referred to today as simply, “The Golden Dawn,” or abbreviated as “GD”). Nowhere … More Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

If you’re already visiting this blog, you may be aware that a Tarot deck is a set of cards used for divination, meditation, visualization exercises, artistic inspiration, and even modern day spell-casting. That’s pretty general stuff, though, in all honesty. Most of my first-time clients, as well as legions of people I’ve talked to in … More What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

5 Reasons to Love The Hanged Man

Not too long ago, I attended a Tarot gathering here in Los Angeles. At one point during the meeting, I happened to mention to the group that I personally love the Hanged Man card. One of the women within earshot was horrified by this revelation. “Wait,” she asked, wearing the kind of expression that’s usually … More 5 Reasons to Love The Hanged Man

“What’s your Card…?”

Please allow me to begin here by stating up front that I’m a bit groggy today.  Nothing to be alarmed about, and it isn’t any kind of medication responsible for my condition (which might be cause for alarm if that were indeed the case, leading to questions such as “But wait, what dire thing happened … More “What’s your Card…?”