Saturn/Chiron Square: April 30th

Astrology Update: Just as one tough square fades, another steps up to take its place… You may have felt the effects of the Venus/Saturn square that’s been testing our relationship structures since around the time April Fools’ Day was applying pies to faces all across the land. Thankfully, that square is fading now, and likely has only a few more days of fight left in it.

What’s probably of more pressing importance now is the fact that Saturn has found a new partner to square-dance with in the form of Chiron. This already powerful square is building toward peak effect this coming Sunday, April 30th.

So what does all that mean…? First of all, as always, you really need to plot this activity against what’s going on in your own birth-chart. Do you have anything around the 27th degree of Sagittarius (where Saturn is right now) or the 27th degree of Pisces (where Chiron is kicking it for the time being)…? Or do you have anything in the corresponding degrees of the other Mutable Signs, Gemini and Virgo? If so, this square may pack an extra bit of wallop in your world. The same may hold true if Saturn or Chiron are highly influential in your chart in general.

But outside of putting thumbtacks in maps, it may help to ponder the symbols involved here in broad terms, too. Saturn symbolizes a rather chilly, impersonal force in the Universe. It wants us to be excellent in all things, but its preferred methods are not of the warm and cuddly variety. Saturn plants foot in posterior when it wants to motivate. Saturn is a drill instructor, a merciless personal trainer, a constipated auditor doing a full and scathing review of your financial records.

When Saturn shows up with sickle in hand, the question is always: How much preparation have you done leading up to this visit…? If you’ve been diligent in your work, putting in the time, attending to details, and not cutting corners, then you’ll probably pass Saturn’s tests with flying colors. If you’ve been careless, lazy, or prideful in your approach, though, Saturn is likely to dash your shabbier efforts apart like trembling little houses of cards. These types of Saturn visits can lead to periods of rebuilding, damage control, and even razing everything down to the soil and starting over from scratch.

And what about Chiron? This “Planetoid” is named for a mythological character dubbed “the Wounded Healer.” In darker times, Chiron is more about the soul-wounds that we carry around with us. These are the traumas that seem built right into us, and that may even to some extent define us. In more positive periods, though, Chiron emphasizes the healing and the healer parts of that “wounds/healing” spectrum. During Chironic passages, we may find ourselves more able to heal others, and maybe even more able to heal ourselves. Epiphanies and rejuvenation may be on the menu.

So is this square period more about the wounds or the healing…? It’s important to think about the nature of the square relationship. Any Aspect that links two Planets together represents an occasion of those Planetary energies trying to work together. Some Aspects are easier and more user-friendly to experience, though. The square is one of the more friction-heavy varieties. Squares can feel uncomfortable and abrasive to the spirit when they exert themselves, and they can signify instances of Planetary energies merging badly, misfiring, or even working against each other. Planets in square can bring out the worst in each other.

In this case, just as Saturn has been taking harsh and critical stock of our relationships lately (that now fading Venus/Saturn square), and shaking them vigorously to see if they’ll come apart or not, with this new square, the same sort of attentions will be turned upon our wounds and our health. This isn’t to say we’re all doomed or anything – squares aren’t necessarily deadly, and we’ve all lived through thousands of them in our lives, and we’re still here. But the point is that this may be a time during which old hurts are brought to the surface, and loneliness and depression come easily. Saturn might dig a few fingers repeatedly into your tenderest bruises just to verify that those bruises still cause you pain. Recurring hot-button issues may be triggered, and it’s possible that actual physical health woes could surface alongside any mental, emotional, or spiritual ones.

The best thing to do is to work with Saturn’s demands rather than against them. Take extra-good care of yourself for the next two months or so until this square has had time to fizzle out. Make some positive changes to your diet, be a bit more devoted to some sort of exercise regimen, meditate with some regularity, and be very realistic with yourself about what your own strengths and weaknesses truly are (as opposed to what you’d really, really like them to be).

And it’s not all bad news. While squares can be tricky to weather, they’re still very powerful connections between Planets. And as mentioned, Chiron can bring about sudden revelations, and fairly sweeping upgrades in a person’s worldview, especially regarding those aforementioned soul-wounds. Maybe study your wounds: what are they, how have you approached them in your life, and how might you either view them differently, or try to deal with them in ways you haven’t yet tried? Even when Chiron is being squared, opportunities for great healing can still manifest – just don’t let Saturn’s heavy presence get you so down and depressed that you fail to make use of them!

Reiki Redux!

After my recent relocation to Providence, RI, I had to take some time to get the new digs set up to my satisfaction…

And I’m happy to report that I now have a space that feels very conducive to the excellent administration of healing Reiki energy! I’m therefore pleased to once again officially offer Reiki sessions aimed at enhanced well-being. I also offer attunements, so if you’re interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner yourself, I can help you along that pathway.

If you’d like to book a session or set up an attunement, then please take a look at my updated REIKI page!

Cup + Wand…

IMG_4103Here’s yet another of these examples of Tarot Suit icons popping up in the world around us… This time, we have the relaxation-inducing singing bowl holding down the Cups role, while its “striker” steps up to appear in a Wands capacity. This gives us the terrific equation of Cup (singing bowl) + Wand (striker) = Sonic Alchemy…

Healing in the Tarot…

IMG_4012Which Tarot cards most say “Healing” to you?

I mean, you could make almost any card fit in as part of a healing context, depending on how hard you want to work at it, but which two or three immediately jump out at you here?

For me, it’s Temperance in first place. This isn’t the card’s only meaning for me – I see it as being about synthesis and alchemy – but the Temperance-Angel just radiates both compassion *and* the ability to whip up the perfect Medicine, so…  Runners-up for me are The Star and the Queen of Cups. The Aces and other Queens also fit in here without too much struggle. I could go on, but…

How about you – what are your primary “Healing” cards…??


Unless you’re somehow blessed beyond all laws of probability, then you’ve experienced that phenomenon in which some computer-related piece of equipment of yours — desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, modem, router, robot housekeeper, etc., etc., etc. — fails to function properly, but then you power it off and then back on (i.e., you reboot the thing), and then it somehow, magically, works just smashingly well again.  That sounds totally familiar, doesn’t it?  In fact, you may have already had to play out some variation on that theme one or more times even just today alone…

Here’s a thought along similar lines: what if we humans are similar enough in the requisite ways that we, ourselves, might benefit from the occasional reboot…?  We do derive a lot of our own functionality from the flow of electricity, after all: our brains might be described as electrical systems that just happen to be housed in biological rather than technological environments.  So isn’t it then possible that we — like our computers and computer-related products — might occasionally lapse into the realm of the ongoing misfire, such that we could use a good, swift reboot?

Could we each not possibly benefit from the occasional press of the reboot button...?
Could we each not possibly benefit from the occasional press of the reboot button…?

And if we agree to say here for the sake of argument that we could indeed use the periodic reboot…how do we know when that might be, and maybe even more critically, how would we go about pressing whatever invisible/intangible reboot buttons we might come equipped with in this life, in these bodies…?

The first part: how do we know when to reboot?  This could likely be any time we feel distressed, or out of sorts in some way, yet without finding any specific stimulus to which we can tie these feelings of disenchantment.  Obviously, if somebody does us wrong in some way, then negative feelings in response to that wrongdoing are quite arguably not indicators of any kind of malfunction — they’re just us responding in ways that are quite probably pretty justified.  But then we’ve all experienced also those random, seemingly baseless kinds of bad moods that can roll across our psyches like dark fronts of inclement weather, ruining our days…and while these might be accounted for as being reactions to true causes that we’re simply not consciously recognizing, couldn’t they also represent something more like an actual fizzling out of proper connections and energy flow within our brains or our minds (brains and minds being related but not quite interchangeable things)…?

The second part: again, for the sake of argument, assuming that some of our more negative moods and feelings can, in fact, be properly tagged as instances of us sort of “going off-line,” then how would we effect a proper reboot…?  Here, you actually have a ton of options, although which ones work for you will not always be the same as which ones work for your friends, neighbors, family members, or gurus.  Just as a quick, top-of-the-head scattering of ideas, though, how about: exercise, a good nap, a jolt of adrenaline via whatever thrill-ride appeals, meditation, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, energy healing, chiropractic adjustment, foot reflexology…or maybe sound.

Listen to this!
Listen to this!

Sound therapy can be incredibly effective in snapping you out of anger or doldrums — any music-lover can wax rhapsodic about the mood-altering and restorative power of music, for example.  But music is only one possibility.  I’ve written before about the curative mojo that can be found in things such as tuning forks and singing bowls, and we all know about the uses of ultrasound.  Sound is waves, and waves have physical effect.  They may also have more metaphysical effect, too, depending on your own outlook…

My outlook is that as the end of the current year and the beginning of the new one approach, I’m treating myself to a reboot of sorts, and it will come via sound: I’m taking a drive next week out toward Joshua Tree National Park to attend a “Sound Bath” session at a facility called The Integratron…

The Integratron!!
The Integratron!!

What, you may be wondering, is an “Integratron,” exactly?  From their own website: “This historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.”  Put more simply, it’s a big sonic chamber in which visitors sit and trance out as they’re cradled in sound waves intense enough to be felt as well as heard.  People flock here from all parts of the globe, and some have even been married inside this structure.  It’s said to be a very special place, bestowing alterations of consciousness on those who climb aboard for a spin.  Everyone I know who’s ever attended a Sound Bath there has spoken in glowing terms about it, and I decided that I was due to check it out.  I’ll be undergoing this unique sort of “sonic reboot” one week from tomorrow, impressions possibly landing in this space soon thereafter…

Meanwhile…do you have plans for a reboot of your own?  If so, what are they?  If not…maybe the idea merits some consideration…?


I haven’t been shy about discussing my birthday of late, it seems.  This isn’t due to rampant egocentrism, and it’s also not meant as a huge scattering of hints that everyone should begin shopping now for when the big event next rolls around again, toward the homestretch of 2014 — it’s just been coming up in terms of the digits of it popping up in recent days…

See, as with anyone’s birthday, there’s a precise sequence of numbers that comprises the date, and I’ve been spotting that precise sequence all around in my environment a bit more than usual in the last few weeks.  Now, to be fair, I’m always on the lookout for said sequence, so it’s not like I’m not constantly primed to spot it.  As I’m a US citizen, born and raised in the States, I’ve been kind of programmed to use the US convention of placing the month before the day when we use numerical shorthand for dates, even though much of the rest of the world handles this in the reverse order (i.e., day, then month).  Maybe someday we’ll concede that it might be gracious to get on the same page as everybody else , and we’ll change (although we have yet to even fully embrace the metric system, so I’m not exactly advising anyone to draw in their deepest breath now and hold it until the ink is dry on that date-writing thing’s adoption resolution…).  But what I’m getting at is that to write my birthday in the US fashion — that’s October 28th for those of you who somehow don’t already have this marked on your calendars, etched into your walls, or tattooed onto your foreheads — it looks like this: 10/28.

So, for instance, here’s how my car’s odometer greeted me about a week and a half ago when I slid in behind the wheel:

See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??
See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??

But beyond just seeking out occurrences in which my actual, exact birthday number sequence tumbles out of the world unexpectedly at me, I also look for what might be called anagrams of that sequence — I say “might be called,” since as far as I know, a true anagram is what you get when you mix up the letters of a word to arrive at a new word (for example, “dare” is an anagram of “read”)…I’m not sure, though, if anagram is the proper term to apply when you’re doing the same thing with numbers.  Let’s say for the sake of argument, though, that here in my own humble blog, it is.  With that in mind, I do also get a small charge out of instances when anagrams of my birthday digits appear.  Since I have a zero in my birthday, I’ve always granted myself dispensation to add a “silent and invisible leading zero” to numbers where necessary, in order to achieve new sightings of my anagram-birthday: that is, if I’m in a hotel, say, and they assign me to Room 218, I’ll view it as Room 0218, and celebrate accordingly.

You see the "silent and invisible 0" there at the front of the room number, right...?
You do see the “silent and invisible zero” there at the front of the room number, right…?

And so what prompted all of this is the fact that today is December 8th…or as we’d write it here in the States, 12/08…an anagram for 10/28.  I’m regarding it as one of my “anagram-birthdays!”

If you don’t actually engage in this or any similar practice — a friend of mine uses the alternative method of seeking out the street address number of the house in which she grew up, instead of casting about for her birthday digits, which also works — you might consider it.  Seeing a personal number out there is kind of like getting a quick thumbs-up or an encouraging pat on the back from the Universe every time, and really…who couldn’t use more of that in their days…??

Sometimes things self-correct…

One of the only vices I allow myself to indulge in regularly these days is the consumption of coffee.  Oddly enough, as a child and then even as a young adult, I always found coffee to be completely unappealing.  Only as I forged ahead into my thirties, did I begin to get on board (and even then, I needed to have the deal literally sweetened with whatever sugary additive was on hand, be it sugar itself, honey, flavored syrups, you name it…).  I later went through a tough-guy, teeth-gritting phase of drinking it black, strong, and bitter, because it made me feel a bit like a lone gunslinger preparing to step through some Old West saloon’s bat-winged doors so I could challenge the assembled throng therein to one last, for-all-the-marbles shootout…

"Say yer prayers, yew low-down, yellow-bellied, lily-livered varmints..."  This is how harsh black coffee used to make me feel (and I admit to having liked it)...
“Say yer prayers, yew low-down, yellow-bellied, lily-livered varmints…” This is how harsh black coffee used to make me feel (and I admit to having liked it)…

Nowadays, I split the difference between drinking my coffee like a hot liquid dessert and drinking it black-and-brutal.  And mostly, I make use of this fancy, new-fangled coffee machine that I received from my mom as a housewarming gift when I moved to LA.  Firing it up and then availing myself of its aromatic bounty is a cherished morning ritual.  Except on the mornings when it very randomly seems to suddenly not work…

I say “very randomly,” which may not be fully correct — it usually corresponds tightly to any decision by the Planet Mercury to go into retrograde mode.  These Mercury retrograde periods are generally thought of as times when things are much more likely than usual to go haywire.  Apparently my coffee machine is a zealous adherent to this notion, and it rarely misses an opportunity to suddenly throw down its work implements and refuse to contribute to the group effort.  The thing is, I, myself, am never the cause of the situation being happily resolved.  It is — happily resolved, I mean — but not because of anything I do.  But nevertheless, despite my lack of curative contributions to the situation, I haven’t yet had to pronounce my coffee machine dead at the scene, file a report, and send it off to the techno-undertaker’s for last rites and a proper burial and such.  And do you know why?  Do you know why I still have that machine?

Because it somehow self-corrects.

Or, okay, maybe my coffee machine doesn't self-correct -- maybe there are little technology-based fairies that sometimes happen by and fix things for us.  I suppose that could be...  But, you know, personally,  I do tend to think it's more just a case of the coffee machine self-correcting...
Or, okay, maybe my coffee machine doesn’t self-correct — maybe there are little technology-based fairies that sometimes happen by and fix things for us. I suppose that could be… But, you know, personally, I do tend to think it’s more just a case of the coffee machine self-correcting…

See, as I’ve mentioned here before in previous posts, I am in no way what you might consider a “tech-savvy” person.  I have a superstitious dread of electricity, I have no idea how computers work, and my fix-it skills in the realm of gadgetry amount to little more than dishing out open-handed slaps and harsh language to malfunctioning equipment, which rarely, if ever, delivers positive results.  I’ve long ago proven to myself that bashing my coffee machine and directing some choice profanity its way will not render it suddenly operable.  But I do have to truthfully report that it always (to date — knock on wood!) somehow manages to bounce back and return to functionality.  This morning, for example: I arose, all groggy and muddled, and I wandered down to the kitchen to partake of the java gods’ gifts…and the machine — which has been working flawlessly for several months straight — suddenly refused to cooperate.  It would blink its lights at me like a tiny little UFO, pretend to start the water-boiling process…and then subside into a sort of frustrating Zen stillness, like a monk plunged too deeply into meditation to even register the advances and overtures of the outside world.  Knowing the ins and outs of this state of affairs as I now do, I fired up some sad instant coffee in the microwave instead, and I returned to my morning affairs…

And about forty minutes later, when I again strolled into the kitchen, I tried once more to fire up the machine…and it worked like a champ, without any sign that there had ever been even the slightest hiccup in its proper working order.

It self-corrected.

Because sometimes things self-correct.

I don’t believe it’s wise to pin all our hopes on things self-correcting, of course — in fact, I’d counsel veering toward the opposite shore most times, that of assuming things will need a fair amount of active encouragement from us if they’re to tumble out in the manners we might desire.  But I’d also suggest leaving room in the old worldview for the notion that sometimes — without any help from us at all — things do self-correct.  Maybe don’t count on it, maybe don’t put too much energy into hoping for it, and maybe don’t get all bitter if it doesn’t happen…but maybe allow for the possibility.  And express some gratitude when it does happen!  Gratitude may just encourage the Universe to repeat whatever maneuvers it made that brought about our gratitude in the first place…

Embrace it:

Sometimes things self-correct!