Iolite Dreams, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about a dream I had after I’d stashed three pieces of a stone called Iolite underneath my pillow.  The dream involved me discovering a sort of socket beneath a small metal plate in the back of my skull, and then me cleaning away from the socket a bunch of fairly nauseating goop … More Iolite Dreams, Part 2

An Iolite-Fueled Dream

I’ve posted a bunch of times about how when I sleep with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, it seems to give rise to animal-themed dreams for me, and then cool animal sightings the next day. Animal stuff, by the way, is part of the province that shamans would call the Lower World. Last … More An Iolite-Fueled Dream

Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading

Here’s a tip from the Tarot Toolkit course files: it can be helpful to keep track of how large a piece of the deck each sub-group represents! At 22 cards, the Major Arcana makes up 28% of the overall deck.56 Minors = 72% of the deck.4 Aces = 5% of the deck.36 Numbered Cards (cards … More Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading