The Personal Myth Spread

What if you were the main character in a Myth? Imagine your life story being recast in archetypal form, like you were a figure in some tale out of something like Greek or Norse Mythology, or Egyptian, Aztec, Slavic, Yoruban…you name it. Your life is a hero’s journey… But exactly what tale is it?? 1 … More The Personal Myth Spread

Goddess of Wisdom

My attendance at the local courthouse has been excused for the day, so while the trial at which I’m serving as juror will continue on Monday, I’m free until then…which means I can post something today!  What, then to post about…?  Well, to be honest, all signs have been pointing loudly and repeatedly at…Athena, Greek … More Goddess of Wisdom

Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron

So yesterday I held forth a bit on the connection I perceive that links the astrological province of Chiron, the “centaur” (sort of a comet/asteroid hybrid), with the shamanistic procedure called soul retrieval.  Dealing with Chiron-centric issues and going through soul retrieval both involve searching out our deepest, most spiritual wounds, and then attempting to … More Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron