Polarity in Astrology

There are three primary sets of symbols that we work with in Astrology: the Planets, the Signs, and the Houses. In brief: The Planets are drives and imperatives within us. The Planets are what we do. The Signs are like modifiers that color the ways in which the Planetary forces go about their business when … More Polarity in Astrology

ASTROLOGY TIP: A Clue for Reading Charts

In the last days of WWII, a British couple named Anthony and Elva Pratt conceived of a new board game designed as a murder mystery. It was published a few years later in England as “Cluedo,” and in North America as “Clue.” The game asked players to deduce the three main components of a murder: … More ASTROLOGY TIP: A Clue for Reading Charts

Summer Special!

I’ve been working away at reconfiguring my website and refocusing my business efforts for a while now, with more to come on that front…but as a part of the process, I decided I’d try offering reduced rates as a SUMMER SPECIAL (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, please consider this your Winter Special!). I’m … More Summer Special!

Astrology 101: The Planets (in General)

Astrology is one complex field, no question about it. Not only is it bristling with all manner of symbols to keep track of – Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Points – but not a single one of these symbols is cooperative enough to have just one single meaning. Instead, each one is more of an overall … More Astrology 101: The Planets (in General)