Sun/Jupiter Trine

“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.” To borrow from The Simpsons, Jupiter embiggens stuff. It makes things larger. Jupiter brings expansion and growth with it, along with an optimistic outlook. If you’re having a party or a fundraiser or – any event at all, really! – then you probably want Jupiter there. And here’s … More Sun/Jupiter Trine

Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Lovers

The astrological symbol that you’ll most often find associated with the Lovers card in Tarot is the Sign of Gemini. In a very superficial way, this association makes some sense. That is, The Lovers can conjure thoughts of two people (i.e., the number it takes to tango)…and Gemini also has to do with a pair … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Lovers

Astrology 101: Meet the Signs (Part 2)

Last time around, we walked through a meet-and-greet with the first six of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.  In this post, we’ll say hello to the back half of that hallowed group.  First, I’ll again supply that chart that lists all of them here (along with the Glyph, Polarity, Mode, and Element for each … More Astrology 101: Meet the Signs (Part 2)

The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology

When it comes to metaphysical disciplines, I’m a huge fan of Tarot and Astrology. Both are rich, fascinating, and deep as fractals, and they each provide their adherents with methods for peering into the very fabric of reality. However, beyond those overall similarities, the two are extremely different systems. One thing they do share, though, … More The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology


If you had told me at a much younger age that I’d reach a point in my life at which I would become fascinated with various Stones and Crystals…I might not have laughed outright, as I’ve always been kind of a polite sort, even in the deepest, darkest throes of foundering adolescence, but inwardly, I … More “Birthstones”