A Non-Standard Way of Linking Tarot and Astrology Symbols…

I was shuffling my deck earlier today, when the three cards shown in the accompanying image all fell out together in the order shown, like three pals making a jailbreak. One of the first things that might jump out at you from this little cluster is the fact that they’re all Major Arcana cards. This … More A Non-Standard Way of Linking Tarot and Astrology Symbols…

Tarot Card Meanings: A Note on Strength and Justice

And so we reach Card VIII in our travels through the sequence of the Major Arcana in the TAROT CARD MEANINGS section of my website. But wait…which card exactly is Card VIII?! Some decks offer up their version of the Strength card in this position. Others, though, hold forth their Justice card or its analogue. It can’t … More Tarot Card Meanings: A Note on Strength and Justice

Tarot Card Meanings: The Chariot

Today, the website’s TAROT CARD MEANINGS section sees the addition of its very own motor pool, as The Chariot screeches onto the playing field! From the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita…from the Batmobile to Stephen King’s Christine…there’s no shortage of evidence supporting the notion that Chariots are some pretty high-impact constructs. But what exactly does the … More Tarot Card Meanings: The Chariot

Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

Over a century ago, there was this group of mystics in England who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often shorthanded by us modern types into just the “Golden Dawn” or even the “GD”). Their work still pervades almost every corner of present-day Tarot, and one of the more interesting things that … More Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Try arranging the Major cards from one of your decks like this, in a big circle. Line them up carefully, and you’ll see that you get 11 opposing pairs. Then study them to see what kinds of thematic links you can spot between each of the cards that form a given axis. For example, The … More TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Someone To Watch Over Me…

Do any certain Tarot cards beam forth the concept of “Protection” as a primary theme for you? I mean sure, lots of them *could* offer you protection: The Emperor could put up walls and maintain an army to keep you safe…The Devil could smite your enemies in all sorts of creatively horrible ways (although you might not … More Someone To Watch Over Me…

Sympathy for The Devil…?

The Devil. Every Tarot card covers a range of meanings, some “good” and some “bad.” But The Devil is maybe the card that covers the very widest range when surveyed across multiple people. I’ve seen this card light up faces because it seems to promise wicked glee, and I’ve seen it turn other faces the … More Sympathy for The Devil…?

Planetary Cards

This is a more Astro-advanced follow-up to the Zodiac Cards exercise. It requires that you know a bit about your birthchart. The idea is to explore the cards that correspond to the Planets that have the greatest influence in your chart. For me, those Planets would be Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury…and the cards that correspond … More Planetary Cards

Zodiac Cards

Another Tarot Toolkit homework exercise. We handed out the Golden Dawn correspondences, and encouraged the students to look up the card that’s linked to their Zodiac Sun Sign, and to look for the possible presence of that card’s energies within themselves. I like to consider the other Signs that also play host to a lot … More Zodiac Cards