Astro-Watch: Mars/Chiron Square

FullSizeRender (21)Astro-Happenings: June 2, 2017.

Mars square Chiron.

Ouch.” That might be something that you hear more than usual during the Astro-event known as a Mars/Chiron square. You might even have occasion to say it a few times, yourself.

Let’s break down why that is… Mars symbolizes the Warrior. It’s our drive to assert ourselves, to be aggressive, to feel anger and lust, to be brave, to conquer or defend as the situation might demand. When Mars fires up, we often go to battle.

Meanwhile, Chiron represents the Wounded Healer. This symbol has to do with the ways in which we take on our deepest wounds. These traumas can definitely be physical things, but they can also just as easily be intangible: mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic. Chiron describes our own unique vulnerabilities, and also how we can learn to heal ourselves and others from those wounds.

And the last piece of the puzzle is the connection between them. In this instance, that connection takes the form of a square. That is, Mars and Chiron will appear to be exactly 90 degrees apart today as we view the heavens from our vantage point here on Earth. And squares generally come with a distinct aura of friction. Planets linked by a square are trying to work together, and to merge their energies into some new concoction, but it won’t tend to happen all that easily, and the process will probably not be very user-friendly for anyone standing in the fallout zone.

It could be that the energies don’t communicate all that well. Watch out for any disconnect between your inner warrior and your inner medic. Warriors always run the risk of being wounded – that’s just the nature of their biz – and such occurrences might be a bit more likely to happen during a transit such as this one. Even great warriors can be momentarily clumsy, or distracted, or otherwise somewhat off their game…and even great healers can have off-days, and they of course always require accurate information about a given injury before they can have any positive effect in trying to treat it. The static-riddled connection of a square can disrupt the flow of that kind of accurate information, leaving the healer essentially working in the dark.

For the next week or so, then, it will pay to proceed with a bit of caution when heading into conflict zones. Pick your battles with extra care, and if things go bad, be open to receiving more healing care than you think you might need (because some of what you do get might not land all that well). And for future reference, catalog your experiences this week by journaling if you can, as this might help you to really nail down exactly what types of wounds are your own greatest recurring afflictions. Identifying these harms now can allow you to minimize their impact when they try to show up in new forms later on.

Mars + Gemini = Headache…?

IMG_6551Mars/Saturn opposition, and I’ve had a headache all damn day…

I can’t say that the Saturn (currently in Sagittarius) half of the opposition seems to be acting up noticeably for me, but yeah, this headache could be a Mars/Gemini kind of thing.

At least, it could be if you buy into the most common assignments that you find in the sub-field called Medical Astrology. Mars is often associated there with (among other things) the head. And meanwhile, Gemini generally correlates with (among other things) the nervous system and the brain.

So if Mars-energy wants to make its presence known in a way that doesn’t prioritize your enjoyment of the experience (like, when it squares something in your chart), and it’s doing so through a filter of Gemini, then you might arguably feel the results in your head, brain, and/or nervous system. And you might arguably not like them.

But again, that’s only if you credit the most widely accepted attributions laid down in the sub-field known as Medical Astrology.

And I’m not even saying I do credit them. I haven’t studied Medical Astrology all that much.

I’m just saying that I sure do have a headache, though…


Mars/Saturn Opposition

Astro-Happenings: it’s May 24, 2017, and a Mars/Saturn opposition is taking shape…

Oppositions are Aspects that involve a Planet lining up precisely across the circle of the chart from another Planet. These relationships are believed to carry a certain amount of inherent tension. They’re very powerful connections, but the energies symbolized by the Planets often don’t want to play well together. They may even seem to set up circumstances in which they each demand attention simultaneously, but they turn out to be mutually exclusive propositions, so good luck with that.

SeesawWithKids_wbThink, for example, of that mainstay of schoolyard playgrounds, the seesaw. Only one end can be up at a given time, and when one end rises, the other one falls. This is essentially the whole point of the seesaw. Oppositions in Astrology can function along similar lines.

And as it so happens, Mars and Saturn are now moving toward that kind of perfect opposition. The moment of exact, 180-degree separation between the two won’t land until May 29, but the Aspect should be starting to make itself felt right around now, and will intensify for the next few days before it hits that crescendo next Monday.

So what can you expect from this celestial development…? First of all, as always, I seriously recommend that you hold this opposition up against your own birth-chart to see if you have any Planets or Points that will be directly contacted by our oppositional friends out there.

IMG_6545I’m providing a picture of my own chart so as to provide a strong example of what I mean by this. As I’ve indicated in the photo, transiting Mars and transiting Saturn (the real ones out there in space) will be lining up to create multiple squares with no less than four of my own natal Planets (the ones in my birth-chart). That may sound like gobbledygook when written out in English, but the accompanying image should make it pretty clear what’s happening. Squares can be every bit as tension-heavy as oppositions, and Mars and Saturn are not exactly warm and cuddly forces to begin with, so I’m bracing myself for a possibly intense week or two ahead.

But even if your situation is different from mine, and you have nothing coming specifically under fire in your own chart as these two so-called “malefic” Planets oppose each other, you might still experience some of the general feel of this occurrence. Sometimes big transits out there can symbolize something that’s so large and transpersonal that it leaks into even the charts of people who don’t have direct, Aspect-style receivers set up for it. So if that were to happen for you, what might that look like…?

Think about the two specific Planets involved here. Mars is hot and fiery, while Saturn is cold and dispassionate. Mars acts on impulse, while Saturn plans and calculates. When these two energies oppose each other, you may find yourself inclined to choose one of these Planets’s energies, and to set the other one’s aside.

Do you want to be assertive and adventurous and impulsive…or do you want to be cool and practical and patient? Do you want to crash full-tilt into things that are standing in your path…or do you want to build things up carefully from out of nothing? Do you want to be governed by your anger and lust…or do you want to be diligent and responsible?

As with any seesaw situation, you can make a conscious effort to try alternating between the two ends of the opposition: embrace your urges and your lusts for a set period, then fall back into allowing your serious, structured self to take the reins…lather, rinse, repeat…

And be especially aware that when these two Planets face off like this, one of the main recurring themes can be that of fear versus bravery. We all know that it’s possible to become overwhelmed by too much fear. Every human is undone by panic at some point in life, failing to do what needs to be done because the rising fear wins out over the sense of duty. It’s also just as possible to feel too little fear: the annual Darwin Awards are an ongoing catalog of people who aren’t nearly nervous enough when contemplating absurdly risky actions.

This Mars/Saturn oppositional period may well be inclined to throw multiple tests of courage your way. If this happens, try to remember to take a deep breath, and to look at the situation from both sides of the fear spectrum. It may be tempting to commit totally to one end or the other, but pure fearlessness probably won’t serve you any better than pure fear will.

Take an honest look at your own responses to the circumstances at hand, and assess whether those responses are in line with the amount of fear that the situation truly demands. If you’re veering too far toward the Saturnian end of things, you may be feeling more fear than the scenario warrants…but if you’re being too Martial, you may not be feeling enough of the valuable kind of apprehension that keeps us from picking up our own dubious Darwin Award. Discretion/valor ratio analysis is highly recommended as a coping tactic here – for the next week and change, go out of your way to pick your battles very, very well…

ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16

Astrologers often match world events to astrological developments. For instance, it lines up pretty well to suggest that the recent spikes in violence and terrorism could be manifestations of the passage of the war-Planet, Mars, through the dark and intense Sign of Scorpio.

Also relevant: Mars is now forming a configuration known as a Grand Water Trine with the Sun (in Cancer) and the planetoid known as Chiron (in Pisces). Generally, a Grand Trine is seen as a happy phenomenon, allowing the Planetary energies involved to merge easily and well. The Water-centric version has to do with the realm of the emotional. The optimistic take is that the configuration might allow for some constructive processing of all that sometimes dire Mars-in-Scorpio energy. We might find that during the Trine, positive emotions come to the forefront, and are more likely to be expressed in helpful ways. Also, even negative emotions may be dealt with in more mature and beneficial fashion.

But as in life, nothing in Astrology happens in a vacuum. Off to one side of that Trine configuration, rebellious Uranus is zapping the Sun from what’s known as a Square position. Uranus can bring sudden, unexpected changes. These can be terrific things, such as innovation and epiphanies, or they can be tough things, such as spasms or upheavals.

Think of the Trine as something like a ceiling fan cooling us off, or the rotor blades of a helicopter enabling us to fly on our emotional currents…but Uranus is an odd, largely unreadable character who keeps trying to stick a long metal pole into the blades of that fan or rotor. Maybe that Uranian input will rob us of the effects of the Trine…or maybe it will force us to focus harder on what we’re trying to accomplish, spurring us on to greater performance and higher ideals. Uranus is highly unpredictable.

So maybe do your best for now to channel your emotions into healing yourself and others, and know that the unexpected odd influence may be wanting to zap things every now and then like a lightning bolt. These conditions will hold until around the 19th, when the Sun wanders on out of range…

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Astrology: Sex, Death and the Occult

Last week, I made a long drive to North Carolina to attend a four-day seminar given by the great astrologer, Steven Forrest.  Steve has written nearly a dozen books on Astrology, and they’re about the most accessible and helpful texts that I’ve read on the overall subject.  This was my third intensive seminar of Steve’s that I’ve experienced, which qualifies me as an official Forrest Apprentice.

On top of the certification-style advancement, though, it was also a very illuminating session!  The topic was “Sex, Death, and the Occult,” and we took a long look at where and how these concepts appear in a person’s birth-chart.  Mainly, we were studying Pluto the Planet, the Sign of Scorpio, and the Eighth House, with a dash of Mars thrown in, too.

Of the three named concepts, we probably leaned on death the hardest, then sex (only in the sense of people bonding in intimate ways, though – nobody got graphic or porn-y or anything!), and we probably spent the least amount of time on the occult.  We did, however, spend an interval discussing the differences between being a magician versus being a mystic, and this part of the lecture really got my wheels spinning!  I’m considering maybe doing a future post or two to expand on these notions…

Meanwhile, I’m again convinced that just as the Tarot deck serves as a microcosm of our entire existence…so, too, does the birth-chart.  The specific symbols aren’t identical or interchangeable, but the depth and richness are certainly there in both fields, and I believe that whatever you might be seeking to examine in your life or out in the Universe, you can find a corresponding marker of that concept in either a Tarot deck or in your own birth-chart!

Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

When you talk about The Chariot in Tarot, the first proposed astrological association you’re likely to hear will be the Sign of Cancer. As with any of these suggested linkages, there are pros, and there are cons.

The Pros. Both symbols describe a vulnerable character surrounded by an armored shell. A human charioteer inside a protective conveyance on a battlefield does seem a bit like a soft crab ensconced inside its damage-resistant casing. That parallel works pretty well.

The Cons. That basic set-up just described applies much more accurately to what the Sign of Cancer is about than to the way in which the Chariot card often gets interpreted in Tarot. That is, Cancer is considered the most purely emotional – and therefore the most emotionally vulnerable – of the Signs. The Crab does seem like a great metaphor for Cancer-energy in that sense. The Chariot, though, is a battle-wagon, and it often seems to inspire related discussion, bringing up ideas such as victory, a marshaling of disparate forces into a cohesive unit, the overcoming of opposition. The focus feels more aimed at active war-making than at perceived vulnerability. In some ways, then, The Chariot might have more in common with such warlike astrological symbols as Mars and Aries…