A Simple Technique For Improving Your Intuition

By Steven Seinberg… Do you want to strengthen your intuition? Here’s a technique you can try with great ease and almost no expense, and it may even yield good results for you immediately… It came to me while I was gearing up for a guided meditation event at this great local metaphysical shop near me … More A Simple Technique For Improving Your Intuition

Explaining the Name “Arrow In Flight”

By Steven Seinberg… Every once in a while – although to be fair, not all that often – but every once in a while, somebody will ask me what “Arrow In Flight” means. And then of that relatively small group of people, most of them will assume it has something to do with Sagittarius, what … More Explaining the Name “Arrow In Flight”

The Awareness of Water…

By Jessica Lee… Blogging is weird, especially when I don’t like talking about myself. It isn’t something that comes naturally to me, I am more of the observer than the speaker. But, I also want to get out what I am feeling, because I know a lot of people right now are having some of … More The Awareness of Water…

Upcoming Arrow In Flight Events

If you’ll be in the Providence, RI area this week, you’ll have yourself not one, but two separate chances to sit in on some Arrow In Flight action in the flesh… First, I – Steven Seinberg – will be presenting Part 1 of a two-part class called Greek Myths & Metaphysics. The class has two … More Upcoming Arrow In Flight Events

Our First Reiki Level 1 Attunement Class = Success!

This past weekend, a day before the total solar eclipse darkened skies across the North American continent, briefly turning mid-afternoon into midnight, Certified Reiki Master Jessica Lee and I (Cert. Reiki Master Steven Seinberg) joined forces to offer our first-ever jointly conducted Reiki attunement session. We figured it might be a pretty great thing to … More Our First Reiki Level 1 Attunement Class = Success!

Shamanic Meditation…

Just over two years ago now, a few friends and I flew from Los Angeles to Iquitos, Peru, to work with a native shaman and his apprentices there. We spent a total of 10 days at the shaman’s compound, called Selva Madre, basking in the unique environment of the tropical rainforest, and engaging in four … More Shamanic Meditation…

What Does Chiron Retrograde Mean?

Our society as a whole seems to have learned just enough about Astrology at this point to fear retrograde periods…which might actually be worse than not being aware of them at all. It’s not super-helpful to think of retrograde periods as being necessarily “bad.” Yes, depending on the specifics of a given retrograde interval, and … More What Does Chiron Retrograde Mean?

Full Moon on May 10th

This coming Wednesday, the Moon waxes full in the rather intense realm of Scorpio. That means a lot of light shining into a lot of darkness, as Scorpio is the province of such weighty concepts as sex, death, secrets, power dynamics, psychology, and transformation. If you’re in the Providence, RI area, please feel invited to drop … More Full Moon on May 10th

Pluto Retrograde

It’s been some season of retrograde activity lately here on Planet Earth. For a moment there, we were toiling under no less than four Planets that, from our ground-bound perspective, looked to be traveling backwards through space. A few days ago, on the 15th, Venus halted her retrograde ways and returned to more standard direct … More Pluto Retrograde