Combining Tarot with Meditation

Tarot Tip: combine it with meditation! Meditation Tip: combine it with Tarot! These are definitely two great tastes that taste great together. On the Tarot end, just pick a card that you want to consult with, or that has energy you want to coax into your life in greater quantities. Set the card up in … More Combining Tarot with Meditation

The Breathing Cycle Tarot Spread

It’s New Spread Saturday again – a once-a-month photo-challenge on Instagram hosted by yours truly and @tabithadial in which participants post an all-new, original Tarot spread. Here’s my entry for April, the Breathing Cycle Spread: 1) Breathe In. Something you need to bring into your life in greater quantities at this time.2) Hold, Lungs Full. Something you … More The Breathing Cycle Tarot Spread

Entering a Card

Are you familiar with the “Entering a Tarot Card” visualization exercise? It’s a meditation in which you sort of project yourself into a card in order to explore it first-hand, including having conversations with any of the figures you might meet there. It’s surprisingly effective! I once had a very illuminating encounter with the distinguished … More Entering a Card

Cup + Wand…

Here’s yet another of these examples of Tarot Suit icons popping up in the world around us… This time, we have the relaxation-inducing singing bowl holding down the Cups role, while its “striker” steps up to appear in a Wands capacity. This gives us the terrific equation of Cup (singing bowl) + Wand (striker) = … More Cup + Wand…

12 Astrological Houses Spread

In honor of the Full Moon last night, I busted out a big spread based on the 12 astrological Houses.  I’ll be doping out the meaning of this reading for days to come! Interesting note: the numbered Minors (not counting the Aces) make up just under half of the deck.  So statistically speaking, in a … More 12 Astrological Houses Spread

New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

Getting a new deck is always exciting.  I don’t give in to the urge-to-buy at the drop of a hat anymore – not like I once did! – but whenever I can feel the pull of a deck that I know will have some real impact on me, I’ll still expand my collection with it. … More New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

Eternal Chatter of the Thought-less Mind

Yesterday, I attended two separate events that each included some meditation.  In so attending these, I bumped up against this fundamental principle that colors a whole lot of what we humans do here on Planet Earth.  That principle is this: Anything  — any skill, any endeavor, any undertaking — requires practice if you wish to … More Eternal Chatter of the Thought-less Mind

“Entering A Card”

Today, I thought I might describe this great exercise that actually helped to launch me into my unceasing-since-then love affair with Tarot.  It’s called “Entering A Card.” I first read about this exercise on the internet somewhere, and then found it written up again in Tarot for Your Self, a workbook by Mary K. Greer … More “Entering A Card”

Clean the lenses…then *look*

So today I had to get up early to head across town to the dentist’s office for a standard teeth cleaning appointment, and then from there, I went for a bit of a hike up around a local landmark here in LA called the Griffith Park Observatory… After I got back home, it occurred to … More Clean the lenses…then *look*

“For I would ride with you upon the wind…”

That W. B. Yeats sure can furnish a pretty quote — the title of this post was lifted from his The Land of Heart’s Desire.  It provides a handy segue into the point of the post, too: what do you do if you really would like to summon the wind…? I’ve posted before about the … More “For I would ride with you upon the wind…”