More about Messages…

Yesterday, I went to this outdoor party fairly near my home here in LA, in a place called Elysian Park.  The Park derives its name from a region in Greek Mythology known as Elysium, or the Elysian Fields.  As with many concepts in large and ancient bodies of lore, descriptions of Elysium vary a bit, … More More about Messages…


I read a lot of mythology.  I mean…I always did, and I’ve always enjoyed it, but in the last couple of years, I’ve kind of returned to mythology with a vengeance.  And I haven’t just been revisiting the bodies of mythic lore I knew best in childhood (that would be Greek Mythology, followed by Norse … More Deucalion…twice!!

Synchronicity, Scorpion-style

Not long ago, I took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  Despite living in California for about a quarter of a century now, and even spending the last couple of years in the southern half of the state, I’d never actually made it to the Park.  People seem to all but worship it, but … More Synchronicity, Scorpion-style

“Sure, but what does it actually MEAN?”

So yesterday I recounted the terrific dream I had about an owl appearing before me, and then going so far as to alight on my hand.  Super-cool, right?  Sure, but what does it actually mean?  Dreams tend to mean stuff, don’t they? Yes, very often they do.  And one like this — at least in … More “Sure, but what does it actually MEAN?”

“What a dream I had…”

Last night, I had this tremendous dream. In it, I was sitting somewhere outdoors, maybe on a bench in a park, and I was having some kind of meeting with someone.  As he was speaking, I looked up to see this adorable little cat – a kitten, really – in the trees high above us, … More “What a dream I had…”