Tarot Tip: Timing!

One area in which people sometimes have difficulty with Tarot is in determining the timing of the events being examined in a reading. There is a method, though, that uses the natures of the four Suits in order to extract some information about timing… Basically, the Suits are ranked into a hierarchy based on their … More Tarot Tip: Timing!

Tarot: the Suit of Pentacles

In Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles is associated with the Element of Earth, and it has to do with the physical layer of reality. Among its many concerns, you can find issues involving health and the body, career and finances, possessions, the home… This is the slowest-moving of the Suits, the most practical, and possibly … More Tarot: the Suit of Pentacles

Tarot: the Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords in Tarot is most often connected with the Element of Air, and with the mental plane of existence. It deals with symbols and language, communication and ideas, logic and intellect. Swords are the electrical impulses of the brain, slicing through reality at the speed of thought. It’s maybe not so surprising, … More Tarot: the Suit of Swords

Tarot: the Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups in Tarot captures our time spent on the emotional plane of life. Cups correspond with the Element of Water, and they have to do with all those parts of the human experience that flow like water, that harbor depths, and that exhibit the ebb and flow of tides. Cups affairs include … More Tarot: the Suit of Cups

Tarot: the Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands in Tarot is all about the spiritual and energetic planes of existence. Wands are most often associated with the Element of Fire, and they bear the kinds of characteristics that Fire might suggest. Wands are brash and bold, adventurous and daring. They’re about impulse and impetus, action and creativity. Wands are … More Tarot: the Suit of Wands

The Tarot 10’s

I’ve been so focused lately on putting together the online Tarot course I’ll soon be co-teaching with the fabulous Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot, that I’ve been neglecting this space.  I’ve been running a series of posts on Instagram, though, and as a resolution for the New Year, will be doing my level best … More The Tarot 10’s

What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

If you’re already visiting this blog, you may be aware that a Tarot deck is a set of cards used for divination, meditation, visualization exercises, artistic inspiration, and even modern day spell-casting. That’s pretty general stuff, though, in all honesty. Most of my first-time clients, as well as legions of people I’ve talked to in … More What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology

When it comes to metaphysical disciplines, I’m a huge fan of Tarot and Astrology. Both are rich, fascinating, and deep as fractals, and they each provide their adherents with methods for peering into the very fabric of reality. However, beyond those overall similarities, the two are extremely different systems. One thing they do share, though, … More The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology

The Five of Pentacles

It came to me in a dream… I had a dream last night that involved the Five of Pentacles.  Every once in a while this will happen: something from the “Esoteric Sciences” (Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Crystals, etc.) will make an unscheduled guest appearance in my dreams, and then I always place a lot of importance … More The Five of Pentacles

“Entering A Card”

Today, I thought I might describe this great exercise that actually helped to launch me into my unceasing-since-then love affair with Tarot.  It’s called “Entering A Card.” I first read about this exercise on the internet somewhere, and then found it written up again in Tarot for Your Self, a workbook by Mary K. Greer … More “Entering A Card”