Tiwaz on Tuesday…

As part of my start-the-morning rituals every day, I pull a single Rune. Some people look at their Sun Sign horoscope over breakfast or coffee. More metaphysically-inclined types will even pull a single Tarot card or consult the I Ching. I pull a Rune. They differ in a lot of ways, but the intent behind each … More Tiwaz on Tuesday…

Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

I was making coffee earlier, and because coffee makes magic things happen, I was suddenly struck with this analogy from nowhere, explaining how Major and Minor cards in Tarot relate to each other overall.  Try this on for size: In many bodies of classical mythology, you have your humans living on the mortal plane, and … More Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

So for any of you who might be Astrology-minded, today marks my exact Chiron Return. Unless you manage to live long enough that your age hits the triple-digits, then the Chiron Return is pretty much going to be a once in a lifetime kind of event. Interesting that mine happens on April Fool’s Day, too! … More Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

Odin’s Day

It’s Wednesday…so here’s a fun Wednesday fact… Did you know that Wednesday is named for Odin, the King of the Norse Pantheon of Deities? An incredibly complex and compelling figure, Odin is, among other things, a God of knowledge, magic, war, language, and certain aspects of the afterlife. He has as familiars a pair of … More Odin’s Day

The Personal Myth Spread

What if you were the main character in a Myth? Imagine your life story being recast in archetypal form, like you were a figure in some tale out of something like Greek or Norse Mythology, or Egyptian, Aztec, Slavic, Yoruban…you name it. Your life is a hero’s journey… But exactly what tale is it?? 1 … More The Personal Myth Spread

5 Metaphysical Practices for Promoting Safe Travels

As I type up this particular blog post, I’m sitting in a desk chair several thousand miles and three time zones from my home. This transcontinental journey is all about visiting my family, and as I only made the trek a few days ago, I’ve very recently had my travel responses well-stimulated. And while I … More 5 Metaphysical Practices for Promoting Safe Travels

5 Reasons to Love The Hanged Man

Not too long ago, I attended a Tarot gathering here in Los Angeles. At one point during the meeting, I happened to mention to the group that I personally love the Hanged Man card. One of the women within earshot was horrified by this revelation. “Wait,” she asked, wearing the kind of expression that’s usually … More 5 Reasons to Love The Hanged Man

How to do a Rune Reading — Conclusion

We’ve now covered all of the steps that I run through when performing a Rune reading.  I figured I’d wrap up the series with a summary for use as a handy reference resource for anyone interested in traveling deeper into explorations with the Runes… I should stress again that this is my own personal process, … More How to do a Rune Reading — Conclusion