Weekend Tarot Reading

L-R: The Ace of Books * The Lovers * 7 of Swords – from the Epic Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you. It’s what’s up for the weekend just ahead!

ūüĒģ ¬†Ace of Books (= Wands) ūüĒģ ¬†The Lovers ūüĒģ ¬†7 of Swords ūüĒģ

This weekend affords you opportunities for interacting with the people you love the most. This is great news! A theme will evolve throughout the weekend, though, of you being confronted more than once with the need to choose how open versus how closed you should be with those loved ones.

On the face of it, this should be a no-brainer, right? Our society teaches us that being open and honest is the virtuous path, while keeping secrets is “bad.” But should we all vomit forth every bit of Truth, no matter how harsh those bits might feel upon receipt by the party on the other end? Questions such as “Does this haircut look good on me?” and “What did you think of my kid now that you finally met?” and “How do you like that song I just wrote?” can put us in a very uncomfortable spot if the true answer would be something along the lines of, “Frankly, he/she/it sucked…”

But then what if we do hold back? What if we tell a “white lie” so as to not hurt someone’s feelings? Does every untruth and every lie by omission constitute another straw on the camel’s back of trust in a given relationship, no matter how well-intentioned those untruths and lies may have been? How open is open enough, and how closed is too closed?

Maybe use the following formula as your guidelines in these dicey situations this weekend (attributed to the Buddha, but refined by the Victorian Era poet, Mary Ann Pietzker):

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

Happy Friday, everyone!


Where Is Trust In The Tarot…?

Trust is a vital function in human interactions. We like people more when we know we can trust them, and there are fewer occurrences in the social order that are more relationship-killing than the breaking of trust.

Do you recognize your own default settings when it comes to deciding whether to trust other humans?

Some of us are inclined to trust everyone until a given person burns us, at which point, we move them into a sort of mental “penalty box” reserved for the untrustworthy.

Others are the opposite: they view everyone else in the world with a robust skepticism and a perpetually raised eyebrow until the occasional truly remarkable specimen can manage to amass enough evidence over time as to their inherent trustworthiness.

And then some people have one type of standard for most other humans, but a different standard for certain subcategories of them. For example, a young woman I know admitted to me recently that she’s generally someone who wants to trust others, but whenever she meets males who are older than her by more than a couple of years, her involuntary response is to not trust them. Most of us probably have similar “programming” around issues of trust.

So trust seems to be one of the constant underpinnings that colors our society in often subtle ways, but on a massive scale. Which means it must be represented somewhere in Tarot, right? Tarot is a microcosm for the human experience.

But where does trust actually appear in it? Trust in this context isn’t the same thing as faith. The latter is more about “trust” in some greater Force or in some greater Plan – “Everything will work out.” That kind of trust in the Divine can be seen glowing within the Star card. But which card(s) might flag issues revolving around the trust that humans have (or don’t have) for each other?

Maybe since this is a question about inter-human dynamics, we need to look more at the Minor Arcana than the Major? The 7 of Swords definitely seems to describe situations in which trust is being violated: theft, trickery, deceit. But that’s more like the absence of trust that’s being highlighted. Can you think of a card that emphasizes the presence of trust?

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A Quick Tarot Game

Okay, it’s Monday, and since that means a return to the working world for such a huge percentage of people, I decided to save the high-brow stuff for later in the week, after everyone’s had a day or two to get properly caffeinated and caught up on emails and such. Today, I’m just posting a fun little Tarot game for anyone who wants to play. The long and uncatchy name of this game is “I AM… I WANT TO BE GUIDED BY… I WANT TO MARRY.” You just complete the three phrases by inserting the card that best sums up your own feelings on each one. The idea is to consciously choose your answers, not draw cards at random…although you can do that instead if you prefer – I can’t stop you.

Here are my own answers (which, by no coincidence at all, feature my three favorite cards!):

I AM…The Hanged Man. I’m different. I have a weird point of view on things. I can get martyr-y. I believe in initiatory trials and such. I blow lots of time listening to the cosmic pulse.

I WANT TO BE GUIDED BY…The Star. Because The Star is brilliant and kind and celestial. The Star inhabits a “higher” place than I do, and to borrow from Tina Fey, I want to go to there.

I WANT TO MARRY…The Priestess. This is partly because she, too, is brilliant, and also mysterious and powerful. And you know how Groucho Marx wouldn’t join any club that would have him as a member? I sometimes have the related thing of really wanting to be a member of the clubs that won’t let me join. And The Priestess is often seen as a chaste figure. Which means: she ain’t buying what I’m selling, if you get what I’m saying. Which only increases her appeal. Try not to judge me.

And you…?

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The Death Card: Like a Snake Sheds Its Skin…

The Death card is one of a very small handful that seems to provoke immediate, visible unease for a lot of querents. ¬†And that’s not too surprising: Death comes suddenly, and without warning, often with a lot of attendant suffering, and it steals away people and things whose departures we hadn’t necessarily signed off on beforehand. ¬†Unless you’re Wednesday Addams, death is usually regarded as something that’s scary and/or sad.

But the Death card doesn’t have to be limited to fear and sorrow as its only sensible responses. ¬†Try thinking about the Death card process as being like that of a snake shedding its skin. ¬†Unlike many organisms, snakes continue to grow throughout their lives…but their outer layers of skin don’t grow with them like yours and mine would. ¬†So it’s incumbent upon the snake to cast off its outer layers every month or so in order to continue growing. ¬†If it fails to undergo this shedding process – called ecdysis, by the way – it will suffer, and become stunted. ¬†Buildup of old, dead skin tissue will bind their bodies, and it also frequently occurs around the eyes, so without proper shedding, snakes can even go blind.

And metaphorically speaking, some of this does sound applicable to us humans. ¬†We don’t shed our literal skins, but we do have the ability to shed many things in our lives. ¬†Some are tangible: clothing, furniture, other belongings. ¬†Some are intangible…and we often tend to shed things in this latter group way less than we should. ¬†Think here about concepts like old programming, self-defeating beliefs, unhelpful behavior patterns. ¬†If we don’t shed these things once we’ve outgrown them, they can trap us and make us go blind.

But just as a snake can rub itself against rocks and other rough surfaces during a shed to help speed the process along, we can do the figurative version. ¬†When the Death card appears, it can actually be an empowering force. ¬†When you leave Death’s logistics up to the Universe to determine, you will probably not enjoy the results…but what if you take an active hand in sorting through the detritus of your life? ¬†What if *you* decide what gets stripped away? ¬†Embrace ecdysis, and GROW…


Another Reason to Love The High Priestess


I’ve been even more into The High Priestess lately than I usually am…and that’s saying something, because along with The Star and The Hanged Man, The High Priestess is a longstanding member of my own personal pool of Top 3 Favorite Cards (bonus question: which ones make up your Top 3?).

One of the many reasons I so ūüíú ¬†The High Priestess is the fact that she’s liminal. Liminality is basically the state of being in-between, transitional, of dwelling upon or on both sides of a threshold. Twilight periods – dawn and dusk – are liminal intervals of time. Physical areas such as doorways, windows, bridges, corridors, catwalks, and stairways are liminal regions of space. Hypnotists and trance-workers aim for that liminal strata of consciousness that exists between the waking and the sleeping minds. Because liminal spaces are very conducive to the occurrence of magic.

So maybe you’re a diurnal day person, or maybe you’re a nocturnal night-person. And that’s all cool, too! But if you’re possibly more of a crepuscular twilight person, or are at least interested in exploring liminality a bit more…you might try cultivating more of a relationship with The High Priestess. She knows these landscapes better than anyone!

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Portable Tarot

Probably every Tarot person has wished at some point that they could carry a particular card around with them out in the world like a talisman, to have its presence on hand to help them conquer the day. ¬†I know I have, anyway… ¬†But Tarot cards are not exactly as impervious to physical wear and tear as, say, Captain America’s shield… ¬†So how can you lug one around with you for use in that business meeting or on that anxiety-filled first date, without accidentally crushing it into an ugly, accusatory little wad that you can never look at in the same way again?

Answer: crystals! ¬†Here’s the concept… ¬†Select a card whose energies you’d like to cloak yourself in throughout your days. ¬†Put that card in a safe space lying flat (you can enhance this process by lighting a candle or two, maybe firing up some incense, getting meditative and trance-y…). ¬†Choose a suitable crystal – Clear Quartz, which is believed to be “programmable,” or a black piece such as Obsidian or Jet, which are thought to be very absorbent of energies in general, are great choices for this. ¬†Place your crystal on top of the card, and sort of request that the crystal take on the energy frequency of the card, soaking it up like a sponge, and then holding it in storage as a battery would. ¬†Leave the crystal on the card for a few days and nights in a row – you can choose a phase of the Moon’s cycle that feels especially agreeable to you for this if you want.

Once the crystal feels charged up with that card’s energies, you can carry it around with you all day – in your pocket, in your purse, in one of those little cages on a chain around your neck…whatever works for you. ¬†You can then have a little reservoir of, say, The Emperor’s forcefulness, or The Hermit’s spiritual radar sense, or The Star’s cosmic love surrounding you out there in consensus reality whenever you need it. ¬†Just don’t forget to occasionally recharge the crystal in the same way that you originally filled it up with that Tarot-fuel!

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Stalker Cards

IMG_4461Repeater cards. Stalker cards. The ones that keep jumping out at you from out of multiple readings for a while, no matter which deck you’re using, who you’re reading for, where you’re doing the reading, what time of day it is… You may not be able to make it out in this pic due to the bird’s eye view here, but that card at front/center is the 7 of Swords. And for the last few weeks, the 7 of Swords has been dogging my steps like that guy in that French story about the stolen loaf of bread that I never read or saw.

I tend to take these card-stalker occurrences as, like, meta-messages for me, the reader, that exist outside the scope of any one of the individual readings, and are more keyed to the overall phase that I’m going through. I’m pretty sure I have this 7 of Swords one all properly doped out, and I just have to act on the message. But do you have stalker card incidences? Are you having one right now? Which card(s)? And have you managed to successfully put the message into practice?