ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16

Astrologers often match world events to astrological developments. For instance, it lines up pretty well to suggest that the recent spikes in violence and terrorism could be manifestations of the passage of the war-Planet, Mars, through the dark and intense Sign of Scorpio. Also relevant: Mars is now forming a configuration known as a Grand … More ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16

TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Try arranging the Major cards from one of your decks like this, in a big circle. Line them up carefully, and you’ll see that you get 11 opposing pairs. Then study them to see what kinds of thematic links you can spot between each of the cards that form a given axis. For example, The … More TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Tarot Visualization Exercises

I’m  now offering a new and affordable item: custom-designed visualization exercises based on Tarot images. You send me a bite-sized description of your issue, and PayPal me a mere $7 USD. I then pull a Tarot card for you, cook up a unique visualization exercise based on that card, and provide you with a write-up of … More Tarot Visualization Exercises

TAROT TIP: Dealing with Court Cards

Court Cards: infamous among Tarot practitioners for their slippery refusal to be interpreted with ease. Four Court “ranks” across four Suits yields up 16 distinct personalities to understand and keep track of. That’s a pretty large cast of characters, and without handy “cosmic job descriptions” such as “The Empress” or “The Hermit” to help us … More TAROT TIP: Dealing with Court Cards

The Hanged Man: Perspectives on Pain

One of my favorite cards – The Hanged Man – came up in a client reading yesterday. It led to a really interesting discussion about suffering. I was asking if a certain pattern of suffering was the result of the client maybe somehow romanticizing that particular brand of pain. This then brought up the question … More The Hanged Man: Perspectives on Pain

Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!

Yesterday, I posted about the Shadow Card in a reading – that’s the card left sitting at the bottom of the unused portion of the deck after all the cards have been drawn for the reading itself. The Shadow Card can shed additional light on the reading as a whole. There’s also the Quintessential Card, … More Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!

Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards

Sometimes when you do a Tarot reading, you end up feeling as much in the dark as you had been when you’d started. The cards aren’t clear…or they don’t seem to apply to your question in any way that you can easily see. One technique for gaining additional insight is to look at what’s called … More Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards

Feather Gardens

I’ll resume bombarding you with all the Astrology and Tarot posts shortly, but here’s a storage and display suggestion for any of you who – like me – collect feathers while you’re out ambling about in the world. I call this innovation a “feather garden.” It’s not really rocket surgery – you do this: 1) … More Feather Gardens

Tarot Toolkit Holiday Special!

Here in the US, we celebrate our independence every 4th of July (or 7/4, as we like to shorthand it). So in order to spread some of that independent feeling around, the Tarot Toolkit Online Course that I co-taught with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot earlier this year – which will enable you to be much more independent as … More Tarot Toolkit Holiday Special!

The Decade Dance Tarot Spread

It’s the last Saturday of the month, and that means it’s time once again for New Spread Saturday, a monthly photo challenge I co-host over on Instagram with Tabitha Dial. Please enjoy this brand new, original spread, and feel free to contribute your own spread to the event! DECADE DANCE Every decade has its own personality, … More The Decade Dance Tarot Spread