How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

So the topic for this post is the Aettir. What, you may be asking, is an Aettir??  And that would be a perfectly legitimate question.  The first part of the answer is that Aettir is actually a plural word…so the question would more accurately be “What are Aettir?”  The singular is “Aett,” by the way, for future … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

To briefly summarize where we stand, as we enter this fourth post on how to conduct Rune readings: in analyzing this example scatter of Runes, I talked about how I like to take in the number of Runes that I end up using, how they might have distributed themselves after I tossed them onto the landing … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 1

After another unscheduled sabbatical from blogging, I’ve decided to launch a return with a series of posts that covers my own approach to performing a Rune reading. I should state up front that this is my own method — I find it to be useful and helpful in practice, but I don’t pretend that “My … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 1

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So I received an unexpected notice late last night from WordPress, telling me that the one-year anniversary of my opening my account here has tolled! That’s right: it has now been exactly one year since I signed up here and started blogging.  Put another way, the Earth has now come back around to exactly that same … More Happy Anniversary to Us!

What’s in a Name…?

Previous posts in this space have probably made it clear enough that I spend a fair-sized chunk of my time these days looking at astrological birth charts.  The website I use for generating these has a set of defaults that it uses when cranking out a chart, but as a user, you can also gimmick … More What’s in a Name…?

Destination: Communication!

I have this practice of kicking off my mornings by drawing a single Rune so as to give me some idea as to what the day ahead might hold for me.  That’s the general concept, anyway — some people use other systems for this kind of daily prognostication instead, such as Tarot or the I … More Destination: Communication!

A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

Yesterday, I went for a hike with a dear friend of mine, and her little toy poodle.  This was originally intended to be something on the order of 60-90 minutes in Griffith Park, enjoying the semi-cool Autumn weather, and the less dense crowds that would be washing up there now that school is generally in … More A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

A verdant visitor…

So yesterday, I posted about the recollection of dreams, and how keeping a dream journal is a recommended move if boosting said dream-recall is something you’d like to achieve.  I have to admit that I’m not currently being especially disciplined about keeping up an ongoing dream journal, myself…but no sooner had I cranked out a … More A verdant visitor…

Skadi, the Skier…

Not too long ago, I lodged a post here about the (in my humble opinion) under-valued Norse God, Tyr. Even more recently than that, I issued a post that, among other things, spoke about the Rune, Isa, that literally means “Ice,” and which can signify things like delays, blockages, and interference, along with more literal … More Skadi, the Skier…

Gnosis: gnot for gnothing!

As I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into various fields of study within the realms of what you might call, in general, “the Occult” — and here, I mean fields of study like Tarot, Runes, Astrology, these kinds of things — it’s become increasingly apparent to me that people today actively practice magic.  As I’ve … More Gnosis: gnot for gnothing!