Why I Can’t Fully Buy The Golden Dawn’s Astrology-Into-Tarot Mapping

These cards are part of this cool Astrology-themed Oracle deck I have called the Oracle of the Radiant Sun. Each card captures a single Planetary placement using the seven visible or “classical” Planets and the 12 Zodiac Signs. Since 12 x 7 = 84, the deck has a total of 84 cards, all chock-full of … More Why I Can’t Fully Buy The Golden Dawn’s Astrology-Into-Tarot Mapping

Just what is “Divination”…?

Every time I post a photo onto my various social media platforms, I take care to hashtag it up vigorously, so that people will be able to find it. If I’m posting a pic that has something to do with, say, Tarot, I’ll of course use the tag #Tarot…but I don’t like to stop there. … More Just what is “Divination”…?

Labor Day labors…

I’d like to start today’s post by wishing everyone the basic foundational sentiments underlying our U.S. holiday of Labor Day: that is, whoever you are, wherever you are, I’d like to celebrate whatever work you’ve done this year, be it toward meeting your own needs, or toward meeting the needs of others and contributing to … More Labor Day labors…

Arrow in flight!

And so the arrow is officially in flight: I’m now offering readings using several different tools (Tarot, Runes, and Oracle Cards primarily) on a more ongoing professional basis.  If you’re in the LA area, please feel invited to contact me about an in-person reading or other session; if you’re not in LA, I’m also offering … More Arrow in flight!