Astrology and Your Health

If you’ll be in the Providence, RI area tomorrow, and you’ll have your lunch hour free, you might consider stopping by The Empowerment Factory in Pawtucket. I’ll be giving a FREE one-hour lesson on how to go about discovering what Astrology says about your own health profile. I’ll be discussing which symbols in Astrology have … More Astrology and Your Health

Astrology Workshop in Providence, RI: Work and Money

I’ll be teaching a FREE one-hour workshop today in the Providence, RI area. We’ll be going over some Astrology basics, covering the necessary steps for generating your own free birth-chart, and then focusing on how you can find clues in your chart about your own intrinsic wiring with respect to work and money. What’s your relationship with money? … More Astrology Workshop in Providence, RI: Work and Money

Guided Meditation in Providence – 2/22

One of the questions I find myself asking clients again and again during counseling sessions is this: “Do you meditate…?” And most of the time, the answer is an uneasy and somewhat apologetic or guilty-looking, “No…” Our society gives us a somewhat inaccurate and often unhelpful picture of what meditation is, can be, and “should” … More Guided Meditation in Providence – 2/22

Love and Astrology

Are you in the Providence, RI area? Tomorrow (Feb. 14, 2017), in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be putting on a workshop focusing on “Love and Astrology.” This will be a FREE, one-hour lunchtime presentation starting at noon at a great local venue called The Empowerment Factory, which is a part of the Hope Artiste … More Love and Astrology

Reiki Share in Providence

Last night, I hosted a Reiki share here in the Providence area at this great space called The Empowerment Factory. I’ve hosted shares before, but not in this town, and not at that venue (and it was also the first-ever share held at TEF). Even with all that being true, it was still an excellent … More Reiki Share in Providence