“Reality is quite subjective…”

That’s a line from a song I once wrote: “Reality is quite subjective.” I hadn’t yet gotten all actively metaphysical at the time, but even then, I understood on some level the notion that there’s a very subjective element to this Universe of ours.  Now, it’s true that in large part, we all share the … More “Reality is quite subjective…”

“Follow Your Bliss”

Yesterday’s post was about one of two bits of advice that I find myself regularly dispensing whenever I do readings (Tarot and Runes, mainly) for people.  That first one consisted of the phrase that author Pema Chodron used as the title for one of her books: “Start Where You Are.”  I won’t rehash any of … More “Follow Your Bliss”

Clean the lenses…then *look*

So today I had to get up early to head across town to the dentist’s office for a standard teeth cleaning appointment, and then from there, I went for a bit of a hike up around a local landmark here in LA called the Griffith Park Observatory… After I got back home, it occurred to … More Clean the lenses…then *look*

Beware the rut in routine…

You probably already know this, but there’s a “rut” in “routine” — and I mean both conceptually, and also literally, if you look at the way those words are written (which is pretty fitting, actually)… RUT — RoUTine Once you’re aware of it, try to not see it!  But seeing it is a helpful thing, … More Beware the rut in routine…