Understanding Aspects in Astrology

As I write this, the Planet Neptune is slowly swimming through the watery Sign of Pisces. The Zodiac Signs are essentially patches of sky blocked out and designated by astrologer-types from long ago. We do our astrological work by tracking the movements of the various Planets against the 12 distinct backdrops that make up the … More Understanding Aspects in Astrology

Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017

Later today, relationship-centric Venus will be making a perfect opposition with mystical Neptune. In order to dope out just what that might mean for you, you’ll have to work through a few questions: What do Venus and Neptune each symbolize? Which Signs are they in right now? What’s an opposition all about? Which Houses in … More Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017

New Moon in Leo

That mad rush of sonic input that you’re hearing – and maybe even feeling all up and down your sympathetic nervous system – is the sound of Lions roaring. Today marks the New Moon, which is happening this time around in the highly expressive Sign of Leo. New Moons are, by definition, that moment in … More New Moon in Leo

Astrology Forecast: Week of July 3 – 9, 2017

Take a gander at a few highlights drawn from the overall menu of Astro-events that will be coming our way this week… Mercury remains a busy little messenger-Planet, Chiron contacts offer opportunities for healing, and late in the week, we have both a Full Moon in Capricorn and a slightly intimidating Sun/Pluto opposition on the … More Astrology Forecast: Week of July 3 – 9, 2017

What Does Neptune Retrograde Mean…?

Yesterday, I posted a video in which I nutshell some of the highlights of the astrological events that are headed our way this week. You can watch that video HERE. One of those highlights: this Friday (June 16th), Neptune will go retrograde. But what does that mean, exactly…? People seem to fear the retrograde phenomenon, … More What Does Neptune Retrograde Mean…?

What Does a Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean…?

Tomorrow — that’s June 9, 2017 — la Luna will be waxing full in the Sign of Sagittarius. Ancient folklore and modern pop culture agree that the Full Moon can mark a time of wildness, emotions running high, animal instincts coming to the forefront of our experience, and even an undercurrent of madness. It’s no … More What Does a Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean…?

Astro-Watch: Mars/Chiron Square

Astro-Happenings: June 2, 2017. Mars square Chiron. “Ouch.” That might be something that you hear more than usual during the Astro-event known as a Mars/Chiron square. You might even have occasion to say it a few times, yourself. Let’s break down why that is… Mars symbolizes the Warrior. It’s our drive to assert ourselves, to … More Astro-Watch: Mars/Chiron Square