Hawk Central, Part 2…and Part 3

Two nights ago, I posted here about this great double-sighting of a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks that had been perched in one of the trees above my back patio.  As I said then, one flew away toward the north, and then the second one took off on a vector heading east.  It may have taken … More Hawk Central, Part 2…and Part 3

Panther Wishes and Casino Dreams…

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to memorialize the most recent Panther-related dream that I was fortunate enough to be treated to — this one went down maybe a bit over a week ago now.  I’ve written up a few of these already, including one that featured a winged Black Panther, and I’m still deeply gratified … More Panther Wishes and Casino Dreams…

Animal Magnetism

Certain animals attract us.  And the ones that appeal to me and the ones that appeal to you might differ entirely…and the next person might come along with yet another wholly different set of favorite beasts…  This is all pretty obvious stuff, of course…but as the holidays and other assorted wellsprings of busy-ness conspire to … More Animal Magnetism

Clan of the Hawk…?

As I write this, my uncle — my mom’s older brother — and his bride are out here on the west coast, trekking down the length of this great state of California as they pursue a string of family-related activities.  They started way up north in Chico, and as they made the long automotive pilgrimage … More Clan of the Hawk…?

Very unexpectedly: Jupiter!!

I’d like to keep this post on the briefer side today if I can, as I’m still battling a fairly whopping case of strep throat, and I didn’t sleep much last night because of it…but that lack of sleep also gives rise to the subject of this post — Jupiter! — so it can’t be … More Very unexpectedly: Jupiter!!

A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

Yesterday, I went for a hike with a dear friend of mine, and her little toy poodle.  This was originally intended to be something on the order of 60-90 minutes in Griffith Park, enjoying the semi-cool Autumn weather, and the less dense crowds that would be washing up there now that school is generally in … More A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

Goddess of Wisdom

My attendance at the local courthouse has been excused for the day, so while the trial at which I’m serving as juror will continue on Monday, I’m free until then…which means I can post something today!  What, then to post about…?  Well, to be honest, all signs have been pointing loudly and repeatedly at…Athena, Greek … More Goddess of Wisdom

“A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud…”

Here’s the full quote from which I drew the title of this post: “I believe cats to be spirits come to Earth.  A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” Jules Verne said that — the gentleman who wrote such classics of literature as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, … More “A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud…”

“Don’t tell anyone I’m a lama — I want to blend in.”

Since I started this blog, I’ve devoted several posts to discussing dreams I’ve had that focused on various animals.  Yesterday, I was reminded of an incident that involved an encounter I had a long time ago with a real animal, out here in the physical world… But first, I should veer off to touch on … More “Don’t tell anyone I’m a lama — I want to blend in.”