Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

When I first started exploring Tarot, one of the less than helpful myths I was exposed to was this idea that no one but you should ever touch your cards. Supposedly, according to some, if another person were to handle your deck, it would be stamped with that person’s energy-signature, which you might then never … More Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

Tarot Court Cards

Court Cards.  Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings.  These characters were the focus of last night’s Tarot Toolkit class session. The “people cards” in Tarot…  This group is widely acknowledged as the trickiest and most frustrating subset of cards to interpret. How about you?  Do you like them?  Do you “get” them?  Do you have favorites? … More Tarot Court Cards

Tarot Cards and the Season Cycle

According to our good friends from the Golden Dawn, you can equate the four Suits with the four seasons. Swords signify Spring, Wands are tied to Summer, Cups ride with Autumn, and Pentacles roll with Winter. You can make use of these associations if you’re looking into questions that revolve around timing: “When will I … More Tarot Cards and the Season Cycle

Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading

Here’s a tip from the Tarot Toolkit course files: it can be helpful to keep track of how large a piece of the deck each sub-group represents! At 22 cards, the Major Arcana makes up 28% of the overall deck.56 Minors = 72% of the deck.4 Aces = 5% of the deck.36 Numbered Cards (cards … More Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading

Rock Star Tarot Spread

Welcome to the first-ever installment of #newspreadsaturday!  Over on Instagram — where my username is @arrow.in.flight (come find me and link up with me there if you like!) — I’m now co-hosting this monthly photo-challenge with Tabitha Dial, the North Star Muse.  You can find her @tabithadial The idea is that on the final Saturday … More Rock Star Tarot Spread

Odin’s Day

It’s Wednesday…so here’s a fun Wednesday fact… Did you know that Wednesday is named for Odin, the King of the Norse Pantheon of Deities? An incredibly complex and compelling figure, Odin is, among other things, a God of knowledge, magic, war, language, and certain aspects of the afterlife. He has as familiars a pair of … More Odin’s Day

12 Astrological Houses Spread

In honor of the Full Moon last night, I busted out a big spread based on the 12 astrological Houses.  I’ll be doping out the meaning of this reading for days to come! Interesting note: the numbered Minors (not counting the Aces) make up just under half of the deck.  So statistically speaking, in a … More 12 Astrological Houses Spread

Hierophant as Shaman…

My strongest aversion to any Tarot card has always come pouring out in response to The Hierophant. See, I never connected to any of the various religious leaders I met while growing up, and I had zero interest in someone like that telling me what I should be doing with my life. Years later, I … More Hierophant as Shaman…