Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

So for any of you who might be Astrology-minded, today marks my exact Chiron Return. Unless you manage to live long enough that your age hits the triple-digits, then the Chiron Return is pretty much going to be a once in a lifetime kind of event. Interesting that mine happens on April Fool’s Day, too! … More Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So I received an unexpected notice late last night from WordPress, telling me that the one-year anniversary of my opening my account here has tolled! That’s right: it has now been exactly one year since I signed up here and started blogging.  Put another way, the Earth has now come back around to exactly that same … More Happy Anniversary to Us!

Clan of the Hawk…?

As I write this, my uncle — my mom’s older brother — and his bride are out here on the west coast, trekking down the length of this great state of California as they pursue a string of family-related activities.  They started way up north in Chico, and as they made the long automotive pilgrimage … More Clan of the Hawk…?

Halloween synchronicity…

I’ll keep this post short, as I seem to be battling a case of strep throat, and will be off to the doc’s soon to hopefully procure some greater medical firepower than I can gain access to just on my own… Meanwhile, though, I wanted to relate some odd synchronicities that have occurred for me … More Halloween synchronicity…

A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

Yesterday, I went for a hike with a dear friend of mine, and her little toy poodle.  This was originally intended to be something on the order of 60-90 minutes in Griffith Park, enjoying the semi-cool Autumn weather, and the less dense crowds that would be washing up there now that school is generally in … More A walk in the park…with Ravens!!

Here Comes The Sun!

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!! Due to astronomical peculiarities, the point during which our beloved, life-giving Sun reached its northernmost point in the sky occurred early this morning, while it was still technically nighttime here in the Northern Hemisphere…which means that yesterday and today will end up being about equal in terms of amount of daylight, … More Here Comes The Sun!