Sojourn in the Rainforest…

A quick post here to let the internet know that tomorrow, I embark on a journey into the Peruvian jungle.  This trip certainly looks like it intends to put the “rain” in “rainforest,” as the accompanying weather forecast shows… Having once spent at least a month or two in the Scouts as a child, though, I am vigorously prepared, … More Sojourn in the Rainforest…

A wicked pack of cards…?

Over time, I’ve come to understand that when it comes to Tarot, many people often have a rather dark view of what the cards represent.  I’d like to say it’s “a surprisingly dark view,” but these things are subjective, and just because I don’t personally find Tarot to be ominous, that doesn’t mean other people … More A wicked pack of cards…?

Intuit…? Into it!!

“Trust your intuition.” When you start practicing any form of Divination, this is a piece of advice you will receive…probably often, and probably from a lot of different people. From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: “Intuition” is “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.”  Put another … More Intuit…? Into it!!

Do you know my friend “Clair-“…?

For today, I thought I’d just post up a few definitional items…  I’ve noticed that whenever I look at the profile pages of readers and psychic types in local occult shops here in LA, it’s incredibly common for them to list among their attributes and abilities, terms such as “clairvoyant” and “clairaudient” and “clairsentient.”  When … More Do you know my friend “Clair-“…?

“I have a question…”

Questions. We all have them.  But given the harsh facts that we live these finite lives filled with all these annoying needs we have to attend to all the time, we can’t ask every question we have when we have them.  And sometimes even when we do have the time and the opportunity in which … More “I have a question…”

Arrow in flight!

And so the arrow is officially in flight: I’m now offering readings using several different tools (Tarot, Runes, and Oracle Cards primarily) on a more ongoing professional basis.  If you’re in the LA area, please feel invited to contact me about an in-person reading or other session; if you’re not in LA, I’m also offering … More Arrow in flight!