How Do You Use Astrology to Analyze Relationships?

Astrology is often presented as this thing that gets used largely for making predictions: “When should I schedule my surgery?” “When will I meet that tall, dark stranger?” “Will this be a good month for my business?” But while sure, yes, Astrology can offer some insights regarding the probabilities that are swirling around a person … More How Do You Use Astrology to Analyze Relationships?

Relationships and Astrology: Synastry

I belong to quite a few Astrology groups on Facebook, and I also like to spend some quality time every week surfing several different Astro-focused bulletin boards here and there around the internet. And if you were to follow my example, it would become very clear, very fast, that a whole lot of people who … More Relationships and Astrology: Synastry

Venus/Uranus: Weird Love

Venus and Uranus are getting cozy together in the far reaches of Aries. In a few days – on June 3, to be specific – they’ll form an exact conjunction. That is, from our POV here on Earth, it will look as though the two Planets are occupying the exact same celestial coordinates. So what does … More Venus/Uranus: Weird Love

Astro-Watch, April 28th: Venus Enters Aries

Today, our often-demure relationship Planet, Venus, steps across a Zodiac threshold. The Goddess of Love returns from the watery realm of Pisces to cross back over into the fiery terrain of Aries. She made this particular crossing once already this year, back on February 3rd…but then she turned retrograde a month after that, and retreated … More Astro-Watch, April 28th: Venus Enters Aries

Venus Developments…

It seems to be retrograde season for us down here on Planet Earth, what with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all appearing to be moonwalking back along their orbital pathways, and Pluto poised to join them five days from now. But if you’re the type who fears retrogrades in general, it may be comforting to you … More Venus Developments…

Weekend Tarot Reading

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you. It’s what’s up for the weekend just ahead! 🔮  Ace of Books (= Wands) 🔮  The Lovers 🔮  7 of Swords 🔮 This weekend affords you opportunities for interacting with the people you love the most. This is great news! A theme will … More Weekend Tarot Reading