Location, etc. — Part II

So yesterday, I posted a bit about Locational Astrology: this is the subset of Astrology which puts forth the notion that even as the time and place of our births helps to determine how the array of Planet-represented energies will fall within each of us as individual beings, so, too, can we use the same … More Location, etc. — Part II

Location, location, location…

One of the things I so enjoy about Astrology is its versatility: there are so many different ways to go about applying the same set of underlying principles.  As examples: we can analyze our own birth charts to get a better grasp on who we are as individuals, and how we’re each of us so … More Location, location, location…

“Entering A Card”

Today, I thought I might describe this great exercise that actually helped to launch me into my unceasing-since-then love affair with Tarot.  It’s called “Entering A Card.” I first read about this exercise on the internet somewhere, and then found it written up again in Tarot for Your Self, a workbook by Mary K. Greer … More “Entering A Card”

“What’s your Card…?”

Please allow me to begin here by stating up front that I’m a bit groggy today.  Nothing to be alarmed about, and it isn’t any kind of medication responsible for my condition (which might be cause for alarm if that were indeed the case, leading to questions such as “But wait, what dire thing happened … More “What’s your Card…?”

“Follow Your Bliss”

Yesterday’s post was about one of two bits of advice that I find myself regularly dispensing whenever I do readings (Tarot and Runes, mainly) for people.  That first one consisted of the phrase that author Pema Chodron used as the title for one of her books: “Start Where You Are.”  I won’t rehash any of … More “Follow Your Bliss”

A wicked pack of cards…?

Over time, I’ve come to understand that when it comes to Tarot, many people often have a rather dark view of what the cards represent.  I’d like to say it’s “a surprisingly dark view,” but these things are subjective, and just because I don’t personally find Tarot to be ominous, that doesn’t mean other people … More A wicked pack of cards…?

Intuit…? Into it!!

“Trust your intuition.” When you start practicing any form of Divination, this is a piece of advice you will receive…probably often, and probably from a lot of different people. From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: “Intuition” is “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.”  Put another … More Intuit…? Into it!!