How Do You Deal With Saturn In Capricorn?

By Steven Seinberg… Almost one month ago, the all-business Planet that we know as Saturn traveled onward from the adventurous and optimistic Sign of Sagittarius into the much more serious territory of Capricorn. As you might already know, the actions of any Planetary energy are always colored mightily by the Sign through which it happens … More How Do You Deal With Saturn In Capricorn?

Tiwaz on Tuesday…

As part of my start-the-morning rituals every day, I pull a single Rune. Some people look at their Sun Sign horoscope over breakfast or coffee. More metaphysically-inclined types will even pull a single Tarot card or consult the I Ching. I pull a Rune. They differ in a lot of ways, but the intent behind each … More Tiwaz on Tuesday…

Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

RUNES! If you’ll be in the Providence area, I’ll be teaching an Intro to Runes class on the evening of Friday, Jan. 13th (😮) at cool local metaphysical shop Ascension NXT. I’ll cover the basics of what Runes are, where and when they came from, and what you can do with this ancient set of … More Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

Site Upgrade Underway: Tarot Card Meanings Section!

As a sort of public service to site visitors here, I’ve decided to start building in some free resources.  The first order of business under this heading will be to write up and post a list of generally accepted TAROT CARD MEANINGS. Full disclosure: I was born and raised in the US, and I spend virtually … More Site Upgrade Underway: Tarot Card Meanings Section!

Divination Referencing Divination

If systems of divination – such as Tarot, Runes, or Astrology – can be seen as microcosms of the larger Universe that they peer into, then doesn’t it make sense that these systems themselves must appear somewhere within their own boundaries? That is, if Tarot, for example, does exist in the Universe, and if Tarot is … More Divination Referencing Divination

Providence Provides!!!

The Fall Equinox is fast approaching, and with it comes the season of Autumn. Old things fall away, and it’s a beautiful process to behold… As a card-carrying October baby, I’ve always prized this as my favorite season, and this year, it gets spiced up by the added fact that I’m casting off some old … More Providence Provides!!!

TAROT TIP: Consider Kabbalah

Even though Tarot is a rich, deep system that’s absolutely chock-full of multilayered symbolism, this doesn’t stop Tarot fans from trying to map additional systems onto it in an effort to wring even more meaning from its sublime framework. You can find decks and books in which Tarot people have done their best to weave Astrology into … More TAROT TIP: Consider Kabbalah

Summer Special!

I’ve been working away at reconfiguring my website and refocusing my business efforts for a while now, with more to come on that front…but as a part of the process, I decided I’d try offering reduced rates as a SUMMER SPECIAL (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, please consider this your Winter Special!). I’m … More Summer Special!