What’s in a Name…?

Previous posts in this space have probably made it clear enough that I spend a fair-sized chunk of my time these days looking at astrological birth charts.  The website I use for generating these has a set of defaults that it uses when cranking out a chart, but as a user, you can also gimmick … More What’s in a Name…?

“Vital Signs” (special bonus post for 8/8/13!!)

As I was writing my earlier post today about the Ice-Rune, Isa, this old song called “Vital Signs,” by Canadian rock band, Rush, popped into my head.  This was a bit odd, as I haven’t heard that song in a long time, but then again, I did go through a serious Prog Rock phase back in … More “Vital Signs” (special bonus post for 8/8/13!!)