Mother Nature in Tarot

Yesterday, I did myself the solid of heading over to a local nature preserve so I could be out of the house, off-line, unplugged, and out in the same forces that have been washing over humankind since we crawled up out of the primordial muck. I hiked around with the sun and the wind on … More Mother Nature in Tarot

TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

I have a bit of a deck-collecting habit. I also have this one friend who feels the need to question this habit of mine. Now, to be clear, my overall deck-buying impulse flares up much less often and much less intensely than it did when I was first bitten by the Tarot bug. To large … More TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

Modern metaphysics seems to have embraced the associations of the Air Element and the Planet Uranus when considering The Fool. On the one hand, assigning correspondences like these can be really helpful, as they can serve as memory aids, and they can also add new shadings and layers of meaning to your own inner definitions … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

Someone To Watch Over Me…

Do any certain Tarot cards beam forth the concept of “Protection” as a primary theme for you? I mean sure, lots of them *could* offer you protection: The Emperor could put up walls and maintain an army to keep you safe…The Devil could smite your enemies in all sorts of creatively horrible ways (although you might not … More Someone To Watch Over Me…

The Unforeseen Dangers of Renaming Suits in Tarot

When you start collecting Tarot decks, you quickly realize that some deck creators like to get all jazzy with their nomenclature. Some will rename the Majors or the Court Cards. Some rename the Aces. And lots of them will rename the Suits. And this can be totally cool…even if it means that you have to … More The Unforeseen Dangers of Renaming Suits in Tarot

Tarot: The Shamanic Three Worlds Spread

The shamanic mindset recognizes three worlds: the Lower, the Middle, and the Upper. This spread gives you some insight as to what messages you most need to receive from each one at this time. 1. Lower World – This World contains the forces of Nature: Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits, the Spirits of things like Winds, … More Tarot: The Shamanic Three Worlds Spread

What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

If you’re already visiting this blog, you may be aware that a Tarot deck is a set of cards used for divination, meditation, visualization exercises, artistic inspiration, and even modern day spell-casting. That’s pretty general stuff, though, in all honesty. Most of my first-time clients, as well as legions of people I’ve talked to in … More What Makes Tarot…Tarot?

Tarot Cards I might not invite home to dinner (Part 1)…

I read Tarot often.  By “often,” I mean probably just short of every day.  There are occasional days when I do fail to bust out a deck, sure.  Things happen, we get busy — you probably understand where I’m coming from.  But for the most part…yeah, I read the cards often. And this guy has … More Tarot Cards I might not invite home to dinner (Part 1)…