Tarot Card Flash Mob



I was holding forth recently about how it can be very illuminating to keep watch on cards that appear a lot for you across multiple readings in a short period of time (“stalker cards”). I also mentioned what I dubbed “MIA cards” – the ones that seem to be avoiding you for some definite interval. Along similar lines, today I give you the “card flash mob.”

When I got up this morning, I went to clean up the space where I’d strewn cards and candles yesterday while meditating, pondering the infinite – you know, the things I do on Saturday nights, because the party never stops up in here… Whenever I gather up cards from a previous reading, I like to insert each one back into the deck in a different place, and then I shuffle the whole works a few times before I put the cards back into the big chest where I store all my decks. As I was shuffling them this time, three different cards all popped out, and hurled themselves to the floor. I posted not long ago about “jumper cards” like this, too, and as I said, I’m usually not one to ignore them. The accompanying photo shows you which ones had volunteered themselves for message duty this time.

Can you see the numbers well enough to read them on your phone…? They’re all 9’s!!! I’m not mathematician enough to tell you what the exact odds of three 9’s all hopping out of the deck at random with no other types of cards joining them might be…but these are definitely what the Vegas crowd would refer to as “long odds.” So you can see: a little flash mob of 9’s happened on my carpet!

So it could be that the end of some cycle is in sight for me, but not yet here, and I need to stay the course, and not quit prematurely due to fatigue, or self-doubt, or lack of faith. This specific deck’s specific 9’s add the qualification that fear will be my greatest enemy in this, but if I can resist giving in to it before cycle’s end, I can achieve a kind of spiritual bliss. I’ve never had such a concentrated burst of one specific type of card before – I like it!

You? Ever experienced a card flash mob of this nature before…?


Summer Special!

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An Iolite-Fueled Dream

IMG_4656I’ve posted a bunch of times about how when I sleep with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, it seems to give rise to animal-themed dreams for me, and then cool animal sightings the next day. Animal stuff, by the way, is part of the province that shamans would call the Lower World.

Last night, I went in a different direction: I put these three pieces of Iolite under my pillow before bed. Centuries ago, Viking types used Iolite as a pathfinder stone to help navigate during long sea voyages, as Iolite does interesting and specific things with respect to the polarization of sunlight. This was especially helpful to sailors on overcast days. In modern times, Iolite is believed to join other indigo/violet stones in connecting us up with “higher powers,” or denizens of what the shamans call the Upper World: Deities, the Higher Self, guardian angels, aliens, you name it – the kinds of presences that can be symbolized in Tarot by the Star card.

So here’s what I dreamed of this time… In my dream, I had a small metal plate in the back of my head, just above where spine meets skull. Apparently the plate had been there my entire life, but somebody was only just making me aware of it now. I used a screwdriver to remove the plate, and then saw that there was all this built-up, gross gunk collected all around the socket (which was like a jack or a port) that was lying in wait there beneath that metal plate. I carefully removed all of the gunk, rendering everything super-clean, and then reattached the metal plate, ready for something to soon be inserted into that socket in the near future… Oh, and I was somehow able to see the back of my own head the entire time this was happening.

I kind of wonder if the dream means that I just managed to open myself up to a whole new level of reception with respect to incoming transmissions from the Upper World…

The Four Elements in Tarot

IMG_4638The more I study both Tarot and Astrology, the more I lean hard on the Four Elements system. I find it to be tremendously helpful in decoding all the messages that come through, and keeping things consistent from reading to reading, and from one discipline to the next.

On the down side, it’s made me more fixated on having card imagery that either openly embraces the same Elemental correspondences I use, or that at least doesn’t contradict them. So, like, I’m now at a point where I feel that a Queen of Cups card, for example, should be overtly Water-heavy in its visuals. Queens are Water, and Cups are Water (as I use the systems, anyway), so if a Queen of Cups card is just a lady on a throne holding a wine goblet, that starts to feel like it’s not Water-y enough for me. I kind of need to see actual Water, and oceanic trappings and such. Similarly, I need to see some Fire in the Wands cards, Air with the Swords, and Earth with the Pentacles/Disks.

Shown here are a few Queen of Cups cards that feel suitably Water-y to me, drawn from the Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal deck, the Shadowscapes deck, and the Fey Tarot

The Jasper Round-Up

IMG_4443Jasper!!! Here’s a bowlful of all the different varieties of Jasper that I put under my pillow during the past week or so in an ongoing experiment to see which ones might stimulate dreams, and if so, what the specifics might turn out to be.

Leopardskin Jasper, Leopardite, and Dragon Jasper brought on dreams about animals. Cobra Jasper inspired a dream about trees. Mookaite Jasper spawned a sort of superhero/action-adventure dream. Red Jasper and Yellow Jasper didn’t seem to spark any dreaming at all. Your mileage may – and probably will – vary.

And note: the gray and black piece toward the left-hand side of the bowl was sold to me as “Dragon Jasper.”  A fan of Jasper over on Instagram told me, though, that this piece is much more likely of the variety known as Picasso Jasper.  When I punched the phrase “Dragon Jasper” into my search engine, I received a bunch of hits for something called Dragon Blood Jasper that looked nothing like this — that variety seems to be all red and green.  And then when I looked up Picasso Jasper, I found a very wide diversity of stones that all apparently do fairly represent that category, but some of them, at least, did look a lot like this gray and black piece here, so…my IG friend is probably correct!  Dragon Jasper strikes me as a much cooler name than Picasso Jasper, though…

Yellow Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4432Here endeth this jubilant jaunt through Jasper journaling (for now…). As with the Red Jasper, I wish I had something interesting to report, but the Yellow Jasper was also so low-key that it didn’t really register. I woke up feeling well-rested, but I couldn’t remember any dreaming that I did during the night.

Maybe these lower-Chakra colors aren’t the greatest stimulants for dreaming in general?

The card I drew the other day to detail what Yellow Jasper will mean for me: Creative Power (this deck’s analogue for Strength). This one is about humanity’s ability to exert power by creating life (which can probably be taken literally or also figuratively). So if Red Jasper helps with processing the results of work already done, maybe Yellow Jasper provides fuel for work yet to be performed…?

Dragon Jasper

IMG_4399Dragon Jasper under the pillow last night.  Scattered sleep.  Fragmented dreams.

Dream #1: I’m outdoors with other people in a green field near a hillside.  It’s a sporting competition.  A guy on my team is up.  He has to throw something toward the hillside for distance.  The “something” turns out to be a clothes dryer (!!!).  As in, a major appliance.  He hefts it over his head, and he throws it with both hands, and it goes sailing 50 or 60 meters like a frisbee.  No one in the dream is especially surprised that a human can lift and throw a clothes dryer, but we’re all impressed with how extra far this guy is able to chuck it.  He’s really good at this.  I joke that I probably couldn’t even match his toss with a baseball.  Ha ha.

I wake up.  There’s an Owl hooting away steadily in a tree right outside the windows here.  It’s loud and rhythmic.  It’s still going on when I drift off again.

Dream #2: I open the front door here…and there’s a large gray Wolf waiting outside for me.  Not threatening or anything – just calmly waiting for me, because we apparently have some kind of business together.  I start to go outside to get down to whatever that business might be….and that’s the dream.

I wake up again.  It’s morning.  The Owl is sleeping somewhere, but I can hear Crows in the vicinity, making a racket.

Tarot card I drew the other day to capture what Dragon Jasper will mean for me: 3 of Nature (= Wands).  “A woman wears a mask which represents a spirit of nature.  Another reality.”  Dragon Jasper.