Akashic Records Soul Blueprint Readings

Discover your Soul’s unique profile!  The first step to transformation and healing starts with self-knowledge. When you know who you are on a Soul level, beyond any negative programming and ego, you will be able to express your innate Divine gifts and traits. You’ll have the information needed to reconnect with your Soul so you … More Akashic Records Soul Blueprint Readings

The Spirit Stone Tarot Spread

Over on Instagram, I co-host a monthly photo challenge event called New Spread Saturday.  The basics are pretty simple: anyone who feels like participating creates an original Tarot spread, then posts a picture of cards laid out in that spread, along with a description of what each card position in the spread means, and the … More The Spirit Stone Tarot Spread

Ask Your Guides

I’ve always been deeply interested in what we might call the “transmundane” — the stuff that exists beyond our everyday, physical world.  As a youngster, I immersed myself in the dreamscapes of comic books and cartoons that portrayed all manner of fantastical worlds and mind-bending superpowers, and as I got older, I dove into genre … More Ask Your Guides