The past is in the past…or is it??

If you start to open yourself up to the variety of thinking that gets filed in bookstores under headings such as “New Age” or “Wellness” or “Spirituality,” you’ll find a veritable avalanche of advice counseling you to “live in the present.”  And this isn’t bad advice, either.  It’s a great truth that we can’t actually … More The past is in the past…or is it??

Living in the Material(istic) World

It’s no secret that we live this life in a material/physical world.  Our consciousnesses are tethered to solid bodies, we’re subject to intractable laws of physics, we have a whole spectrum of various material/physical needs that we can’t really ignore for very long (oxygen, water, and food are just the starters on the list…)…and in … More Living in the Material(istic) World

“Wait…you’re selling your garage…?”

So my neighbor is conducting a big, two-day garage sale this weekend.  You’re familiar with the garage sale?  It’s this: The garage sale is what occurs when an individual or family has accumulated so much flotsam and detritus (i.e., “crap”) in their home’s garage, that the vehicles that the garage was originally built to house … More “Wait…you’re selling your garage…?”