Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream..

I’ve been finding myself urging people more and more of late to keep track of their dreams. As I mentioned in a recent post, I believe that our dreams hold messages for us. Whether they originate from parts of our non-conscious minds or from sources that lie entirely outside of our own selves, either way, … More Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream..

Tarot: the Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups in Tarot captures our time spent on the emotional plane of life. Cups correspond with the Element of Water, and they have to do with all those parts of the human experience that flow like water, that harbor depths, and that exhibit the ebb and flow of tides. Cups affairs include … More Tarot: the Suit of Cups

“Scotty, beam me up…”

I’ve written here before about how sometimes overlooked, but how very powerful twilight time can be.  Twilight, in this context, means that sort of in-between state that separates full day from full night, generally occurring just before sunrise and just after sunset.  It’s a fleeting phase, and can be seen as largely transitional, but it … More “Scotty, beam me up…”

Our inner myths…

I think about mythology a lot.  Even with only a few blog posts tacked up here so far onto the vast cyber-bulletin board that is the internet, that should be kind of obvious.  And very often when I say “mythology,” I’m talking about the widely-recognized legends and lore that have blossomed up alongside humanity as … More Our inner myths…