Combining Tarot with Meditation

Tarot Tip: combine it with meditation! Meditation Tip: combine it with Tarot! These are definitely two great tastes that taste great together. On the Tarot end, just pick a card that you want to consult with, or that has energy you want to coax into your life in greater quantities. Set the card up in … More Combining Tarot with Meditation

Affinity Cards

One of the latest homework assignments in the Tarot Toolkit online course is to work with your Affinity Cards. These are the ones that, pretty much right from the get-go, have jumped out at you as being especially intriguing, appealing, and all-around sensational. You like them…you want to hang out with them…maybe you want to … More Affinity Cards

Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading

Here’s a tip from the Tarot Toolkit course files: it can be helpful to keep track of how large a piece of the deck each sub-group represents! At 22 cards, the Major Arcana makes up 28% of the overall deck.56 Minors = 72% of the deck.4 Aces = 5% of the deck.36 Numbered Cards (cards … More Using Deck Structure and Statistics in a Tarot Reading