A wicked pack of cards…?

Over time, I’ve come to understand that when it comes to Tarot, many people often have a rather dark view of what the cards represent.  I’d like to say it’s “a surprisingly dark view,” but these things are subjective, and just because I don’t personally find Tarot to be ominous, that doesn’t mean other people … More A wicked pack of cards…?

“Are Yew talkin’ to me…?”

The mighty, majestic, mystical Yew. I’m not like Dr. Seuss’ Lorax, speaking for the trees, or your modern Druid type, literally hugging trees as a matter of course, and chatting up their spirits and such…but I’m totally in favor of trees in my own general, ongoing way, and I have a special high regard for … More “Are Yew talkin’ to me…?”