Tarot Cards and the Season Cycle

According to our good friends from the Golden Dawn, you can equate the four Suits with the four seasons. Swords signify Spring, Wands are tied to Summer, Cups ride with Autumn, and Pentacles roll with Winter. You can make use of these associations if you’re looking into questions that revolve around timing: “When will I … More Tarot Cards and the Season Cycle

More Fun with “Suit-Fusions!”

Here’s another example of a fusion of Suit-icons that exists out here in consensus-realty: the pen! You’ve got your Cup (= reservoir of ink) and your Sword (= sharp “blade” that stabs and cuts into the paper’s white flesh…). Cup + Sword = Pen! Maybe that’s why the Pen is considered mightier than the Sword: … More More Fun with “Suit-Fusions!”

Tarot Tip: Scenic Minors

One of the greatest innovations of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was the creation of scenic Minors.  Instead of, say, four Cups or six Wands emblazoned on a plain white background (as in early Tarot “pip” cards), you now had Minors that were every bit as populated and detailed as the Majors, with actual characters and fleshed-out scenarios. So the tip … More Tarot Tip: Scenic Minors

Tarot: the Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords in Tarot is most often connected with the Element of Air, and with the mental plane of existence. It deals with symbols and language, communication and ideas, logic and intellect. Swords are the electrical impulses of the brain, slicing through reality at the speed of thought. It’s maybe not so surprising, … More Tarot: the Suit of Swords

The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology

When it comes to metaphysical disciplines, I’m a huge fan of Tarot and Astrology. Both are rich, fascinating, and deep as fractals, and they each provide their adherents with methods for peering into the very fabric of reality. However, beyond those overall similarities, the two are extremely different systems. One thing they do share, though, … More The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology