Astrology 101: Glyphs

Astrology is a fascinating field. A sort of alchemy all its own, Astrology is like a fusion of art and science…a melding of language and math… When you first arrive through its front doorway, agog with wonder, and eager to learn, it’s very easy to be knocked immediately back out over the same threshold that … More Astrology 101: Glyphs

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 7

In a most exciting development, today’s post sees us turning over the last of the subtle Runes in our ongoing Rune reading example!  Let’s clear up that last bit of mystery: The final piece of our Runic puzzle this time around turns out to be the Rune called Ansuz.  While Ansuz doesn’t come first in … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 7

Destination: Communication!

I have this practice of kicking off my mornings by drawing a single Rune so as to give me some idea as to what the day ahead might hold for me.  That’s the general concept, anyway — some people use other systems for this kind of daily prognostication instead, such as Tarot or the I … More Destination: Communication!

Goddess of Wisdom

My attendance at the local courthouse has been excused for the day, so while the trial at which I’m serving as juror will continue on Monday, I’m free until then…which means I can post something today!  What, then to post about…?  Well, to be honest, all signs have been pointing loudly and repeatedly at…Athena, Greek … More Goddess of Wisdom

Correspondence Course

One of the things I like about Occultism is that it comes in many flavors.  Some people like to specialize, but I tend to prefer sampling lots of different things.  I love a buffet… Occultism offers just that kind of buffet, too: if I’m permitted to lump fields under the “Occult” umbrella fairly freely, then … More Correspondence Course

“A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud…”

Here’s the full quote from which I drew the title of this post: “I believe cats to be spirits come to Earth.  A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” Jules Verne said that — the gentleman who wrote such classics of literature as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, … More “A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud…”


So, synchronicity — it’s not just a 1983 album released by rock band The Police (although it is that, too)… Like several other intriguing concepts, this one comes to us from the fertile mind of Carl Gustav Jung. Synchronicity involves a perceived connection among two or more events, despite those events sharing no discernible cause/effect … More Synchronicity

The sea of ourselves…

Topic for today: the group mind.  The collective unconscious (and maybe the collective conscious, too, even)… Now, to draw a certain distinction, Occult thought has within its bounds, a concept that’s very similar to what I’m getting at here today, but which isn’t quite entirely the same.  This concept is called the “egregore.”  An egregore … More The sea of ourselves…