Astrology, Past Lives, and Reincarnation – Part 3

M16_Eagle_Nebula_from_the_Mount_Lemmon_SkyCenter_Schulman_Telescope_courtesy_Adam_BlockIn my PREVIOUS POST, and also in the POST BEFORE THAT ONE, I got into some thoughts on how it’s possible to use Astrology to harvest some information about past lives that you may have led in times now departed. I was mostly summarizing some of the different indicators that astrologers use to get ideas about possible past lives, and about the lingering karma that may have flowed forward from those past lives to color the present lifetime.

What I didn’t talk about, though – and what’s difficult to nail down, since none of this qualifies as “exact science” – is how you know if your explorations into these areas are actually on point or not. It’s not like there’s some sort of past life Geiger-counter you can switch on so as to grab a quick reading for accuracy…so what do you do?

Fortunately, there are a few different phenomena that can arguably be of real value in this process. Obviously mileages vary, so you should approach any and all of this with whatever amount of healthy skepticism feels right for you…

But okay, let’s say that whatever your belief-level may be with respect to past lives, reincarnation, karma – whether you’re absolutely convinced that it’s all literally true, or you instead think it’s the weakest blend of hogwash and hooey – you’ve decided just for the sake of any diversion that this investigation may provide, that you’ll see what your birth chart might say about your own possible past life experiences and karmic signature. You either do the analysis yourself or you hire an astrologer to do it for you. And the analysis gives rise to some hypothetical scenarios and character descriptions that fit the astrological data:

  • You were in charge of an ill-fated sea voyage that ended when your ship went down without a trace into the icy waters of the north Atlantic, and everyone on board was lost
  • You were married to someone who fell prey to a horrible disease that rendered them utterly dependent on you for decades, forcing you to become nothing but a constant caretaker, giving up every shred of personal development you might have otherwise enjoyed
  • You were an outcast or exile, persecuted for your religious beliefs, and eventually killed for them in some act of gross violence

You’ve obviously washed up on the shores of existence in this lifetime as you…but who might you have been in the life before this one…and the one before that…and the one before THAT…? [Image by Moyan Brenn]
These are all pretty grim cases, but then again, we’re not likely to be haunted in future lives by the things that we got right in earlier ones… But then after cooking up these possible past life biographical sketches, how do you possibly “verify” them?

Here are some things you can either look for in your present life to date, or that you can seek out and try:

  1. Past Life Regression. Punch that phrase into your favorite search engine, and you should be able to find plenty of practitioners who can usher you through a specialized, hypnosis-like exchange designed to connect you with one or more past selves. Success will vary wildly from client to client, provider to provider, and session to session, but many people do experience very satisfying and vivid results.
  2. Walk a Past Life Site. If you believe you were a lone outlaw warrior in 4th Century Japan, and it’s within your means, then travel to the lands you believe you roamed, and see what happens when you’re actually standing there in your present form. Visit the very spot in France where you suspect a former version of you may have perished in the trenches during WWI. Walk the grounds of that small town outside of Buenos Aires where you think you may have spent most of a former adult lifetime trapped in a loveless marriage. Some people have reported experiencing spontaneous and powerful memories or sensory input from past lives when physically present in a location that may have been inhabited by a former self.
  3. Synchronicity. I wrote a post a couple of years ago in which I described how I performed some analysis along these lines on my own chart, and was then treated to a rush of synchronicities like nothing I’d ever encountered before…which, depending on your own belief system, may or may not mean much, but you can read about my own synchronicities IN THIS POST. Such occurrences might be taken as indications that the theories about past life scenarios being investigated are actually pretty sound.
  4. Recurring Dreams. Some people experience recurring dreams. These can go on for some limited phase of a person’s life, or they can run from the cradle to the grave. Not all of them will necessarily speak to past life experience, but in my own work with clients over time, it’s become increasingly apparent that a small but definite percentage of those clients do experience recurring dreams that seem to be heavily in line with the hypothetical past life scenarios that I’d come up with after analyzing their birth charts. If you currently have – or have at some point in your life had – recurring dreams or nightmares, it might be worth your time to really examine them, and see if they might be echoes of some actual past life experience…

Could your recurring dreams or nightmares actually be like scrapbooks of scenes taken from your past lives…? [The Little Evil King, by Ursula Benser, 1958]
And again, we’re not exactly taking temperature readings here, or clocking the speed of a careening sports car, so actual, verifiable proof that would satisfy a rigorous battery of scientific testing may not be on the menu at all…but the far more important outcome is whether your answers about your own possible past life experiences satisfy you.

If you’re intrigued about these concepts of karma, past lives, and reincarnation, and you’d like to see what your birth chart might offer up about your own karmic signature, please feel free to visit my READINGS page and make a chart analysis appointment – I’d be thrilled to help you gaze into this realm!

Tarot Card Flash Mob



I was holding forth recently about how it can be very illuminating to keep watch on cards that appear a lot for you across multiple readings in a short period of time (“stalker cards”). I also mentioned what I dubbed “MIA cards” – the ones that seem to be avoiding you for some definite interval. Along similar lines, today I give you the “card flash mob.”

When I got up this morning, I went to clean up the space where I’d strewn cards and candles yesterday while meditating, pondering the infinite – you know, the things I do on Saturday nights, because the party never stops up in here… Whenever I gather up cards from a previous reading, I like to insert each one back into the deck in a different place, and then I shuffle the whole works a few times before I put the cards back into the big chest where I store all my decks. As I was shuffling them this time, three different cards all popped out, and hurled themselves to the floor. I posted not long ago about “jumper cards” like this, too, and as I said, I’m usually not one to ignore them. The accompanying photo shows you which ones had volunteered themselves for message duty this time.

Can you see the numbers well enough to read them on your phone…? They’re all 9’s!!! I’m not mathematician enough to tell you what the exact odds of three 9’s all hopping out of the deck at random with no other types of cards joining them might be…but these are definitely what the Vegas crowd would refer to as “long odds.” So you can see: a little flash mob of 9’s happened on my carpet!

So it could be that the end of some cycle is in sight for me, but not yet here, and I need to stay the course, and not quit prematurely due to fatigue, or self-doubt, or lack of faith. This specific deck’s specific 9’s add the qualification that fear will be my greatest enemy in this, but if I can resist giving in to it before cycle’s end, I can achieve a kind of spiritual bliss. I’ve never had such a concentrated burst of one specific type of card before – I like it!

You? Ever experienced a card flash mob of this nature before…?


Tarot in the “Real World”

IMG_4511So last night was the last class session for this round of the Tarot Toolkit online course that I’ve been co-teaching with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot. One of our final pieces of advice to the group was that you can deepen your relationship with Tarot by looking for its themes and archetypes out in the mundane world, even when you’re not doing readings or studying your cards.

Here’s an example… After the class session ended, Vickie and I had our customary post-class rap session. Once we finished and signed off, I flipped on the TV so as to have some background noise while I folded some laundry and such. And the TV responded by almost immediately showing me that really famous scene from “Ben-Hur,” which just happened to be on in that moment. You know the scene. The one with…the chariot race?

Which, if you’re Tarot-minded, could be seen as like the Universe doing a mini-reading for me, and flashing me a big neon version of the Chariot card! And since I was fresh off of the Toolkit session, I might take that bit of synchronicity to mean that it’s now on me and Vickie and all of the students to take all the disparate elements that appeared throughout the run of the course, and forge them through willpower into a surge forward into course-related progress, and victory. Chariot stuff, basically.

Do you ever see things in your everyday world as manifestations of Tarot messages, characters, or themes…?

Tarot at Sunrise…

IMG_4235Yesterday, something caused me to wake up just in time to see this pre-sunrise sky-show. Immediately after I made my way to the window to take this shot…an enormous Owl flew by, presumably heading off to bed. It looked large enough to carry off small automobiles if it got the urge…

I decided to ask for a message, not just for myself, but for anyone who might read this post. And remember: the Owl is a symbol of great Wisdom!! …So I pulled a few cards from the Tarot of the Origins. It’s pretty different from the standard decks (RWS, Thoth, TdM). Boiled down, this three-card draw is saying that if you’re willing to sacrifice something that you’ve been clinging to from out of your past, this will pave the way for great transformation and healing, and connection with Source… So do with *that* what you will!



Astrology is in our DNA…

The stars hold a nightly lecture series for us...if only we can decipher what it is they're saying...(image by Serge Corrotte)...
The stars hold a nightly lecture series for us…if only we can decipher what it is they’re saying…(image by Serge Corrotte)…

Humans have been practicing Astrology in one form another for more than 3,000 years. That’s three millennia of turning our questing faces up to the sky in search of wisdom…

DNA: the genetic wellspring from which we all flow...
DNA: the genetic wellspring from which we all flow…

Fast-forward from the the origins of astrological studies to April, 1953, when two scientists – James D. Watson and Francis Crick – published their discovery of the double-helix construction of DNA. Where astrologers for centuries had turned outward to learn what makes our existences tick, Watson and Crick turned inward. DNA is of course the molecule that carries the genetic programming of all known living organisms on Earth. Watson and Crick managed to understand the structure of this fabulous molecule, granting us unparalleled insight into the workings of evolution and the biological phenomenon we call “life.”

DNA's four nucleobases: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.
DNA’s four nucleobases: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

In addition to the characteristic double-helix form of DNA, another critical feature of this vital molecule is the fact that it’s comprised of four distinct building blocks called nucleobases, which line up in matching pairs to form the twin strands of the double-helix. When it comes to life in all its myriad forms, these four things are like God’s Lego pieces… The four different nucleobases are called Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

These are regularly abbreviated as A, T, G, and C.

And here’s where things get interesting in a way that smacks of tremendous synchronicity…

When it comes to the complicated discipline of Astrology, most non-students of the field have little to no grasp on the important symbol-sets of the Planets and the Houses…but even the most disinterested parties have at least some surface familiarity with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.

The first four Zodiac Signs in Astrology, each representing one of the famous Four Elements: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.

And the first four of those Signs, forming the sequence that leads off the string – or strand? – of Zodiac entries are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.

If we were so inclined, we might make use of a shorthand for these initial Signs. We might abbreviate them as…A, T, G, and C.

That little chain of letters should look familiar… What are the odds that the letters assigned to represent the genetic brickwork underlying every life-form on Earth are the exact same letters also assigned to denote the opening members of the most widely embraced symbol-set in Astrology…?

This of course doesn’t exactly prove anything. This odd bit of “coincidence” doesn’t guarantee that Astrology works, or that there really is some Grand Pattern at play informing the cosmos. It doesn’t mean that the Zodiac Signs are the DNA of our personalities, and of the lives that we lead…

But in my own mind, it certainly means something. Whether you agree or not will depend on your own views…and maybe on your astrological make-up! But as I see it, this is an instance of the “As above, so below” principle shining through the fabric of our reality.  Astrology is in our DNA, and vice versa…

Interested in seeing what your own celestial DNA has to tell you?  Book an Astrology reading with me today!

“We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…”

Ever since I moved to the Silver Lake area in Los Angeles late last summer, I’ve enjoyed watching the various representatives of the local wildlife go on about their respective bits of business.  I greatly miss the large Raven population in my former West Hollywood ‘hood, but there have been some compensating positive additions here in Silver Lake to help soothe that sense of loss, including occasional sightings of Hawks, Skunks, and Raccoons, and the ever-present possibility of spotting a wandering Coyote.  All of this pleases me probably more than I can get across in a simple column here…

Sadly, though, after I returned home from my trip to Joshua Tree National Park about a month ago, it was like all the nearby wildlife went off on vacation, en masse.  I got busy, admittedly, what with the big holidays, a few separate bouts with different illnesses, I went out of town again, and then I received visitors here…but even when I did stop to look about for some friendly fauna, I didn’t seem to see so much as a single bird paddling its way across the sky at sunset.  I’d had a fantastic trip to Joshua Tree, but I began to worry that maybe I’d somehow overstimulated and burned out my connection to the forces of nature while there, if such a thing is even possible…

Yesterday, though, was like the day that all the local wildlife returned from that group vacation, punched back in, and settled back into place to get busy for the New Year.

First, the little neighborhood Cat.  I have no idea if this little character is female or male, but I believe it might be feral, as it bears no collar, and is incredibly skittish.  I’ve mentioned her/him in this space before, as the little feline likes using the stone runoff alleyway alongside the house here as a small thoroughfare of sorts to go up and down the steep hill on which this house is built.  With that being the case, I’d often enjoyed these synchronous moments in which I’d be in the kitchen, and my little furry friend would appear just outside the window…and being all feral/skittish, she/he would freeze for a moment, all goggle-eyed at me, and would then bolt out of sight without leaving so much as an afterimage.  However, I hadn’t seen the Cat in something like two months before yesterday, and I’d started to fear for her/his wellbeing.  It was with great joy, though, that she/he finally made a welcome return just outside the window of my upstairs bathroom, prowling around rather loudly in the crisp foliage that blankets the hillside there.  No more than maybe five or six feet separated us, but the Cat wasn’t aware of my presence due to all the crunching of dead leaves and branches it was generating.  I watched for a while, impressed as always with the natural grace of the feline, and then we both went on our ways…

I've never been able to snap a picture of "my" Cat, but it looks vaguely like this, if maybe a bit smaller...and she/he is back!!
I’ve never been able to snap a picture of “my” Cat, but if I did, it would look vaguely like this…and she/he is back!!

And then the second development…was more like a quick series of developments occurring right on top of each other.  I went up the ladder to the rooftop at sunset, as I tend to do as often as possible, although to repeat what I was saying above, every such trip I’d managed to make during the last month had resulted in me mostly watching the clouds and the setting sun, as no wildlife was anywhere to be found (well…there were occasional insects — don’t want to shortchange them! — but not much of the larger creatures I tend to watch for).  Last night, though, was different, and even more than a return to form!

It began with several waves of birds washing across the sky off to my right.  As fall had changed to winter, this had been a more than common sight — in fact, I’d come to expect this nightly airborne commute.  In recent weeks, though…nothing.  I’d assumed that all the local avian population had simply reached their winter homes for the year, and I’d have to wait until springtime set in so I could catch them on the move again.  Last night, though, yielded up several distinct formations of them, all heading in the same direction.  One grouping was so large I couldn’t even count them all, although it definitely exceeded the two dozen mark.

After the last wing-beating straggler disappeared beyond the trees that loom over my house…a pair of Hummingbirds zoomed by to my left.  They were moving at high speed, and their wings were just arcs of blur on either side of their small bodies.  Hummingbirds always cheer me, and seeing what I presumed was a mated pair zooming along together had plenty of that effect (and especially after the return of the Cat and a showing of birds after long absences…).  But the evening wasn’t done yet…

The grand finale came in the form of one more return…that of the Owl!

Not the Owl that I saw, and not my photo...but "my" Owl was about as silent and motionless in flight last night as this picture is being right now...(photo by Hans-Jörg Hellwig)...
Not the Owl that I saw, and not my photo…but “my” Owl was about as silent and motionless in flight last night as this picture of an Owl is being right now…(photo by Hans-Jörg Hellwig)…

As I’ve discussed here before, I’d been thrilled on three separate occasions in the late summer/early fall to spy what I took to be the same Owl leaving the trees behind the houses here, and setting off like a ghost across the little valley that separates us from the corresponding hillside across the way.  I’d never had such a personal glimpse of a nighttime hunter like that before, and had actually felt a little awestruck by it, and a lot privileged to bear witness.  I’d then been kind of depressed that no further repetitions had followed, and as the weeks of no sightings turned into months, I’d all but given up hope, and had resigned myself to just being grateful to have enjoyed the few sightings that had occurred for me…  But then last night, not long after the Hummingbirds had disappeared over my left shoulder, I caught sight of this rather majestic shape gliding across the blazing magenta sunset…  This time, the Owl was heading in the opposite direction from what I’d seen last season, and was a bit farther away, but I had enough light to know what I was seeing, and that elegant, effortless glide was again on stunning display.  It was a real thrill for me, and I felt like “Wildlife” or “Nature” as a whole was welcoming me back as its audience.

I’ve maintained in multiple posts here that I believe the Universe talks to us — to all of us.  The thing is that this communication happens in different ways, depending on who each of us is.  The Universe will use different symbols, different language, different patterns for communicating with me than it will use with you — the trick is to come to understand which of the many possible methods and sets of symbols it is using with you.  I’ve come to believe that with me, one of the delivery systems it uses to send messages to me, personally…is through Animals.  I’d been kind of dismayed at their absence since I got back from Joshua Tree, unsettled by the silence…and I was kind of overjoyed that the discussion seemed to have resumed yesterday.  I’ll be watching and listening avidly now…and meanwhile, I also suggest that anyone reading this might give some thought to what their own channels of chatter with the Universe might be.  It’s always a conversation well worth having!


I haven’t been shy about discussing my birthday of late, it seems.  This isn’t due to rampant egocentrism, and it’s also not meant as a huge scattering of hints that everyone should begin shopping now for when the big event next rolls around again, toward the homestretch of 2014 — it’s just been coming up in terms of the digits of it popping up in recent days…

See, as with anyone’s birthday, there’s a precise sequence of numbers that comprises the date, and I’ve been spotting that precise sequence all around in my environment a bit more than usual in the last few weeks.  Now, to be fair, I’m always on the lookout for said sequence, so it’s not like I’m not constantly primed to spot it.  As I’m a US citizen, born and raised in the States, I’ve been kind of programmed to use the US convention of placing the month before the day when we use numerical shorthand for dates, even though much of the rest of the world handles this in the reverse order (i.e., day, then month).  Maybe someday we’ll concede that it might be gracious to get on the same page as everybody else , and we’ll change (although we have yet to even fully embrace the metric system, so I’m not exactly advising anyone to draw in their deepest breath now and hold it until the ink is dry on that date-writing thing’s adoption resolution…).  But what I’m getting at is that to write my birthday in the US fashion — that’s October 28th for those of you who somehow don’t already have this marked on your calendars, etched into your walls, or tattooed onto your foreheads — it looks like this: 10/28.

So, for instance, here’s how my car’s odometer greeted me about a week and a half ago when I slid in behind the wheel:

See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??
See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??

But beyond just seeking out occurrences in which my actual, exact birthday number sequence tumbles out of the world unexpectedly at me, I also look for what might be called anagrams of that sequence — I say “might be called,” since as far as I know, a true anagram is what you get when you mix up the letters of a word to arrive at a new word (for example, “dare” is an anagram of “read”)…I’m not sure, though, if anagram is the proper term to apply when you’re doing the same thing with numbers.  Let’s say for the sake of argument, though, that here in my own humble blog, it is.  With that in mind, I do also get a small charge out of instances when anagrams of my birthday digits appear.  Since I have a zero in my birthday, I’ve always granted myself dispensation to add a “silent and invisible leading zero” to numbers where necessary, in order to achieve new sightings of my anagram-birthday: that is, if I’m in a hotel, say, and they assign me to Room 218, I’ll view it as Room 0218, and celebrate accordingly.

You see the "silent and invisible 0" there at the front of the room number, right...?
You do see the “silent and invisible zero” there at the front of the room number, right…?

And so what prompted all of this is the fact that today is December 8th…or as we’d write it here in the States, 12/08…an anagram for 10/28.  I’m regarding it as one of my “anagram-birthdays!”

If you don’t actually engage in this or any similar practice — a friend of mine uses the alternative method of seeking out the street address number of the house in which she grew up, instead of casting about for her birthday digits, which also works — you might consider it.  Seeing a personal number out there is kind of like getting a quick thumbs-up or an encouraging pat on the back from the Universe every time, and really…who couldn’t use more of that in their days…??