Summer Special!

I’ve been working away at reconfiguring my website and refocusing my business efforts for a while now, with more to come on that front…but as a part of the process, I decided I’d try offering reduced rates as a SUMMER SPECIAL (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, please consider this your Winter Special!).

  • I’m now offering PRIVATE LESSONS in various metaphysical subjects – see if this is for you by taking advantage of my low-cost INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION SESSION. It’s a real-time, 30-minute chat for only $20 USD!
  • Also, the TAROT TOOLKIT ONLINE COURSE is ready for purchase in MP4 format, including all ten sessions, plus the 120-page PDF Workbook.
  • And yet more big news: all READINGS (Tarot, Astrology, Runes) are 1/4 off for half-hour sessions, and 1/3 off for hour-long sessions. These prices will be in effect through the end of July.

I have more offerings on the way, too, including a few ebooks, and a couple of live webinar sessions that I’m cooking up – more news to follow here as things get closer to completion!


Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Since sales for the Tarot Toolkit Online Course in its new, downloadable format were so brisk yesterday, the Early Bird Special is enjoying a one-day extension!  This is the course aimed especially at beginners that I co-taught earlier this year over a ten-week period with Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot.  You can still get your ten MP4 video classes, the 120-page Workbook, and the extra Astrology and Kabbalah cheat sheets, all for only $69 USD.

Tomorrow, the Toolkit’s regular price of $119 USD will go into effect, so head on over to the Tarot Toolkit page and purchase your course now!

The Tarot Toolkit – Round 1 Wrap-Up

IMG_4527This past Sunday night, my sensational collaborator, Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarotand I wrapped up The Tarot Toolkit, our 10-week online Tarot course for beginners. I wanted to follow Vickie’s example, and post a public shout-out and some sincere gratitude for everyone who took part in the course. This includes our students, who turned out to be a fantastic group of bright, enthusiastic, intuitive, interesting, friendly people, whose presences made the experience deeply enriching for me. It also includes Vickie herself, who is a wise and skilled Tarot practitioner, a biz partner brimming with integrity, and one of the greatest friends you could ever hope to know.

This was the first online course either one of us has ever taught, and the experience saw us traveling from the DMZ between hope and fear rapidly onward into exhilaration. The ten weeks flew by! Hopefully the students learned as much as we did, and now we stand on the other side of it all, with me left feeling kinda dazzled and supremely gratified by the whole adventure. And I can’t wait to do more of the same!

With that last part in mind, Vickie and I are still in the phase of dotting i’s and crossing t’s from this first session, but we’re also looking toward the future. If you have interest in joining us for the next iteration of The Tarot Toolkit, or for any additional courses, workshops, or other products we might be offering, please drop either one of us a line with a good email address for you, and we’ll add you to our mailing list. We hope to see you in the virtual classroom soon!

Tarot in the “Real World”

IMG_4511So last night was the last class session for this round of the Tarot Toolkit online course that I’ve been co-teaching with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot. One of our final pieces of advice to the group was that you can deepen your relationship with Tarot by looking for its themes and archetypes out in the mundane world, even when you’re not doing readings or studying your cards.

Here’s an example… After the class session ended, Vickie and I had our customary post-class rap session. Once we finished and signed off, I flipped on the TV so as to have some background noise while I folded some laundry and such. And the TV responded by almost immediately showing me that really famous scene from “Ben-Hur,” which just happened to be on in that moment. You know the scene. The one with…the chariot race?

Which, if you’re Tarot-minded, could be seen as like the Universe doing a mini-reading for me, and flashing me a big neon version of the Chariot card! And since I was fresh off of the Toolkit session, I might take that bit of synchronicity to mean that it’s now on me and Vickie and all of the students to take all the disparate elements that appeared throughout the run of the course, and forge them through willpower into a surge forward into course-related progress, and victory. Chariot stuff, basically.

Do you ever see things in your everyday world as manifestations of Tarot messages, characters, or themes…?

“No Spread” Tarot Spreads

IMG_4480The “No Spread” spread…

Yesterday, I posted about using big spreads versus little ones. As we discussed this week in the Tarot Toolkit class that I’m co-teaching, though, you can also use no spread at all. It’s okay to just pull cards – whatever number feels right – and see what kind of meaning you can wring from them.

Do you ever do this? Or then again, do you maybe do this exclusively? Some people like the structure of a set spread, with every card position carrying its own definition, while others like the more free-form, organic method of growing a reading with no spread or structure imposed on the cards at all.

Personally, I like spreads, but have lately started to feel like maybe I’m more naturally wired for no-spread readings…

Tarot Court Cards

IMG_4315Court Cards.  Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings.  These characters were the focus of last night’s Tarot Toolkit class session.
The “people cards” in Tarot…  This group is widely acknowledged as the trickiest and most frustrating subset of cards to interpret.
How about you?  Do you like them?  Do you “get” them?  Do you have favorites?  Or do you dread seeing them pop up in a reading like little Ren Faire party crashers…?

When Major Arcana Cards Meet…

IMG_4069Last night in Class 3 of the Tarot Toolkit course, we discussed the first 15 Majors in detail. One of the homework exercises is to select any two of those cards at random, set them up side by side, and imagine a meeting of the two archetypes represented in them. What would these figures think of each other, and how would they get along? What are their similarities versus differences? Which one do we like better, and why?

I came up with The High Priestess (II) and The Emperor (IV). If I had to reduce them to sound-bites, I’d sum up The High Priestess as the cosmic Librarian, who has access to all the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe…and The Emperor is the cosmic Ruler, who imposes authority and law in order to establish and maintain an Empire.

They’re similar in that each is an embodiment of expertise — they’re unparalleled masters in their respective spheres. On the whole, though, these are two very different characters. She’s very Yin, reflective, self-possessed, inwardly-directed…while he’s extremely Yang, active, externally-oriented. If you want to interact with The High Priestess, you need to go to her Library and make your humble overtures to her there. Meanwhile, no need to seek out The Emperor: if you’re anywhere in the Empire, then he or some agent of his influence will surely find you, and make his will known!

In many ways, though, these two complement each other. She benefits from the safety and stability he can surround her with, while he’ll gain immeasurably if he can harness her knowledge and wisdom.

For my part, I’d rather hang out with The High Priestess, poring over dusty old tomes and grimoires, than rush about the Emperor’s castle, putting his plans into action. I love learning and gaining wisdom, and I’m less interested in being bossed around, or in being a part of telling other people what to do.