Summer Special!

I’ve been working away at reconfiguring my website and refocusing my business efforts for a while now, with more to come on that front…but as a part of the process, I decided I’d try offering reduced rates as a SUMMER SPECIAL (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, please consider this your Winter Special!). I’m … More Summer Special!

Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Since sales for the Tarot Toolkit Online Course in its new, downloadable format were so brisk yesterday, the Early Bird Special is enjoying a one-day extension!  This is the course aimed especially at beginners that I co-taught earlier this year over a ten-week period with Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot.  You can still get … More Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

The Tarot Toolkit – Round 1 Wrap-Up

This past Sunday night, my sensational collaborator, Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot, and I wrapped up The Tarot Toolkit, our 10-week online Tarot course for beginners. I wanted to follow Vickie’s example, and post a public shout-out and some sincere gratitude for everyone who took part in the course. This includes our students, who turned … More The Tarot Toolkit – Round 1 Wrap-Up

Tarot in the “Real World”

So last night was the last class session for this round of the Tarot Toolkit online course that I’ve been co-teaching with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot. One of our final pieces of advice to the group was that you can deepen your relationship with Tarot by looking for its themes and archetypes out … More Tarot in the “Real World”

“No Spread” Tarot Spreads

The “No Spread” spread… Yesterday, I posted about using big spreads versus little ones. As we discussed this week in the Tarot Toolkit class that I’m co-teaching, though, you can also use no spread at all. It’s okay to just pull cards – whatever number feels right – and see what kind of meaning you can … More “No Spread” Tarot Spreads

Tarot Court Cards

Court Cards.  Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings.  These characters were the focus of last night’s Tarot Toolkit class session. The “people cards” in Tarot…  This group is widely acknowledged as the trickiest and most frustrating subset of cards to interpret. How about you?  Do you like them?  Do you “get” them?  Do you have favorites? … More Tarot Court Cards

When Major Arcana Cards Meet…

Last night in Class 3 of the Tarot Toolkit course, we discussed the first 15 Majors in detail. One of the homework exercises is to select any two of those cards at random, set them up side by side, and imagine a meeting of the two archetypes represented in them. What would these figures think … More When Major Arcana Cards Meet…

Tarot Tip:Lack of Humanity

Yesterday, I posted about how the RWS deck was noteworthy in part because it added scenes to the Minor cards.  Instead of a few Suit emblems bobbing in a sea of featureless white background, we finally had people and other beings actually doing things in these cards.  Granted, the Aces each feature only a celestial … More Tarot Tip:Lack of Humanity

Tarot Tip: Scenic Minors

One of the greatest innovations of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was the creation of scenic Minors.  Instead of, say, four Cups or six Wands emblazoned on a plain white background (as in early Tarot “pip” cards), you now had Minors that were every bit as populated and detailed as the Majors, with actual characters and fleshed-out scenarios. So the tip … More Tarot Tip: Scenic Minors

Tarot Tip: Reading Space

Obviously, it’s not always possible to trick out a given area before you get busy with your cards. For example, if you’re reading for someone in a coffee shop, you can’t really violate local fire codes by setting up handfuls of candles and incense, and you can’t demand that the local populace shut its collective … More Tarot Tip: Reading Space