TAROT THOUGHT: Can Decks Have Significators?

There’s this practice that’s common among Tarot readers involving the use of what’s called a “Significator card.” The idea is that a person can be consistently represented within a reading or in a meditation by a given card. These Significator cards are often chosen from the subset of the Court Cards, and people will regularly zoom … More TAROT THOUGHT: Can Decks Have Significators?

Tarot Tip: Learning by Design

Learn Tarot by Doing You want to understand the Tarot deck better? Design one yourself. Even if you’re not an artist, pretend that you’ll have the perfect visual craftsperson at your disposal to create any images you want. Then the big questions are things like: Do you follow one of the RWS, Thoth, or TdM … More Tarot Tip: Learning by Design

Tarot Deck Shenanigans

Tarot readers are obliged, at some point, to pick a deck. If you don’t, it will obviously be kind of difficult to actually get very Tarot-y. You do your research, you assess a bunch of factors, and ultimately you choose a deck. Except sometimes a deck chooses you. I’ve posted repeatedly here about how when … More Tarot Deck Shenanigans

Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

When I first started exploring Tarot, one of the less than helpful myths I was exposed to was this idea that no one but you should ever touch your cards. Supposedly, according to some, if another person were to handle your deck, it would be stamped with that person’s energy-signature, which you might then never … More Tarot: Who Handles Your Cards?

Music in Tarot…

Where’s the music in Tarot? For all that the RWS deck looks like somebody’s scrapbook from that time they went to Middle Ages Role-Playing Camp, there’s a total lack of minstrel-types in it. In fact, the Archangel’s horn in the Judgement card is about the only musical instrument of any kind that you’ll find in … More Music in Tarot…

Tarot Sequencing Techniques

I’ve never been a big one for using reversals in Tarot. So I’ve never actually spent all that much time *studying* reversals in Tarot. It should maybe come as no shock, then, to note that only recently did I hear this interesting notion about how a reversed card can sometimes be taken as a signal … More Tarot Sequencing Techniques

Tarot at Sunrise…

Yesterday, something caused me to wake up just in time to see this pre-sunrise sky-show. Immediately after I made my way to the window to take this shot…an enormous Owl flew by, presumably heading off to bed. It looked large enough to carry off small automobiles if it got the urge… I decided to ask … More Tarot at Sunrise…