Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Since sales for the Tarot Toolkit Online Course in its new, downloadable format were so brisk yesterday, the Early Bird Special is enjoying a one-day extension!  This is the course aimed especially at beginners that I co-taught earlier this year over a ten-week period with Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot.  You can still get … More Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Tarot: the Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands in Tarot is all about the spiritual and energetic planes of existence. Wands are most often associated with the Element of Fire, and they bear the kinds of characteristics that Fire might suggest. Wands are brash and bold, adventurous and daring. They’re about impulse and impetus, action and creativity. Wands are … More Tarot: the Suit of Wands

Tarot: An Elementary Technique for Interpreting Court Cards

It’s a pretty well-known fact among Tarot types that the Court Cards – that would be the Pages (or Princesses), Knights (/Princes), Queens, and Kings – are generally seen as being pretty much the trickiest cards to interpret in the entire deck. One school of thought holds that they always represent real people. Another says … More Tarot: An Elementary Technique for Interpreting Court Cards