TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

I have a bit of a deck-collecting habit. I also have this one friend who feels the need to question this habit of mine. Now, to be clear, my overall deck-buying impulse flares up much less often and much less intensely than it did when I was first bitten by the Tarot bug. To large … More TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

Tarot Tip: Routines, Yes…Ruts, No.

In many ways, it’s great practice in Tarot at all levels of skill and experience to establish some steady routines. Practice makes perfect, and all. Then again, you can’t spell “routine” without “rut,” and ruts are not the most helpful of phenomena. The danger in maintaining routines is that things can get stale and stagnant, … More Tarot Tip: Routines, Yes…Ruts, No.

Yellow Jasper Dream Report

Here endeth this jubilant jaunt through Jasper journaling (for now…). As with the Red Jasper, I wish I had something interesting to report, but the Yellow Jasper was also so low-key that it didn’t really register. I woke up feeling well-rested, but I couldn’t remember any dreaming that I did during the night. Maybe these … More Yellow Jasper Dream Report

Red Jasper Dream Report

I’m afraid I have to report a bit of an interruption in the Jasper dream-streak this time around: I stashed my three pieces of Red Jasper beneath my pillow when I turned in last night, but sadly, there is no joy in Mudville this morning, dream-wise. I slept hard, and I did dream somewhat, but … More Red Jasper Dream Report

Mookaite Jasper

These cool-looking stones are Mookaite Jasper.  Here’s the dream I had while sleeping with them under my pillow: In the dream, I’m part of some elite superheroic strike force.  We’re in a briefing.  For our upcoming mission, we’ll be teaming up with…Wonder Woman!  And here she is, entering the briefing!  She tells me and the … More Mookaite Jasper

Dragon Jasper

Dragon Jasper under the pillow last night.  Scattered sleep.  Fragmented dreams. Dream #1: I’m outdoors with other people in a green field near a hillside.  It’s a sporting competition.  A guy on my team is up.  He has to throw something toward the hillside for distance.  The “something” turns out to be a clothes dryer … More Dragon Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper and Animal Spirits…

I just got this stone a couple of days ago. It’s called Leopardskin Jasper, and it’s said to be very shamanic in nature, and especially connected with animal energies (I posted about this stone once before, nearly two years ago). I have a few pieces, currently packed away in a box somewhere, and I will … More Leopardskin Jasper and Animal Spirits…

Sympathy for The Devil…?

The Devil. Every Tarot card covers a range of meanings, some “good” and some “bad.” But The Devil is maybe the card that covers the very widest range when surveyed across multiple people. I’ve seen this card light up faces because it seems to promise wicked glee, and I’ve seen it turn other faces the … More Sympathy for The Devil…?