TAROT SPREAD: The Soul-Coffee Spread

It’s New Spread Saturday again! This is a monthly photo-challenge event on Instagram in which Tabitha Dial and I invite anyone and everyone who’s interested to create and share their own original Tarot spreads. You can track the goings-on over on IG by using the hashtag #newspreadsaturday.

It’s easy to participate, too: just cook up your own original Tarot spread, take a photo of cards laid out in the proper configuration for that spread, and put up a post on IG explaining what each card position in the photo means. You can use that same hashtag to look up past and current entries if you want some guidance and inspiration on how to go about contributing. Here’s my own new spread for this month: the Soul-Coffee Spread…

Coffee is a passion shared by millions of people around the world. If you’re a fan, there’s nothing quite like that much-needed cup of joe lighting up your insides with its life-giving blend of taste, aroma, and sheer pick-me-up.

But what serves the same purpose for your spirit? What gets you all revved up and ready for the world?

What’s your ideal cup of metaphorical soul-coffee like?

1 = INTAKE. Small, medium, or large? Tall, Grande, or Venti? Petite, Moderate, or Frigging Gargantuan? Whatever your spiritual go-juice is, when you ingest it, do you do that in small quantities, or do you need to have barrels of it on hand? Do you sip it delicately, or do you guzzle it down in great gulps? What’s your intake like?

2 = TASTE. Some like their coffee strong and bitter, so that swallowing it is almost like a trial…others want it so sweet that a child could happily drink it. Is your soul-coffee harsh and demanding…light and sugary…or something in between?

3 = INTENSITY. You can find coffee drinkers who favor decaf – they like the taste and the smell and the ritual of the coffee, but they don’t want the caffeine. You can also find some for whom the caffeine is the whole point, and the liquid coffee part is just a delivery system. Is your soul-coffee about the pleasures of taking it in…or is it about the rush that it provides you?

4 = ORIGIN. Do you favor a boost that comes from local, homegrown, familiar sources? Or do you feel most drawn to the exotic fare that hails from far-off lands? Where does your soul-coffee originate?


Tarot Spread: “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Welcome to another installment of New Spread Saturday! On the final Saturday of each month, Tabitha Dial and I host this Tarot-centric photo challenge in which participants are invited to create an all-new Tarot spread and then share it with the world. If you’d like to play, there’s still time! Just take a picture of your spread, and detail the card positions for us. And don’t forget to wallpaper it with that#newspreadsaturday hashtag! For my part, I present my new masterwork for August: the “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Spread:

1 = Gardener. What’s your style as a cultivator? Are you a warrior, and your garden a battleground? Are you a sweet, nurturing type? A mystic? Selfless…or selfish? What kind of a gardener are you?

2 = Garden. What are you growing? Foodstuffs for sustenance? Flowers for beauty? Is it an inanimate collection, like a rock garden, cultivated for meditative purposes? Or do you garden just for the sake of the activity itself?

3 = Green Thumb. What are you naturally great at cultivating?

4 = Black Thumb. What do you tend to fail at when cultivating?

5 = Weeds. What tends to show up unbidden, and to feed on your efforts when you’re trying to cultivate something else?

6 = Pests. Who or what steals away the fruits of your gardening labors when you’re not watchful enough?

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TAROT SPREAD: The Story Of My Life Spread

On the last Saturday of each month, I co-host a Tarot-based photo challenge over on Instagram with Tabitha Dial (she’s @tabithadial there).  The challenge is called New Spread Saturday (see #newspreadsaturday posts over on IG for entries), and the idea is to cook up an all-new, original Tarot spread and then share it with the masses.  Anyone can join in, and if you’re reading this, please feel invited to do so!  Meanwhile, here’s my own submission for July’s running of the event…

Each of us is the main character in her or his own story. Each of us has a tale to tell. Each of us is a tale to tell. But sometimes we’re too close to the action, and too emotionally involved in it, to see it for what it really is.

Here, then, is a spread aimed at helping you to step back and better understand the book of your life: What’s YOUR story?

1 = FRONT COVER. What do people notice about me first?
2 = SPINE. What gives my life form and structure?
3 = TABLE OF CONTENTS. How can I stay organized?
4 = MAIN STORY. What is my life really all about?
5 = BACK COVER. What protects me from harm?

Give this one a try, and see how your life reads back to you!

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The Decade Dance Tarot Spread

It’s the last Saturday of the month, and that means it’s time once again for New Spread Saturday, a monthly photo challenge I co-host over on Instagram with Tabitha Dial. Please enjoy this brand new, original spread, and feel free to contribute your own spread to the event!


Every decade has its own personality, with it own distinct musical stylings. Crank up the volume with me, and map the music of the last 100 years onto your own psyche!

1 = ’20s – Jazz – Where do you shine at improvisation?
2 = ’30s – Delta Blues – What makes you wail with anguish?
3 = ’40s – Swing – Where do you dance best when you have a partner?
4 = ’50s – Rock and Roll – What gets your inner rebel all fired up?
5 = ’60s – Psychedelia – How do you go about expanding your consciousness?
6 = ’70s – Heavy Metal/Funk/Disco/Prog Rock/Punk – Where do you need to take things to extremes?
7 = ’80s – New Wave – Where do you tend to infuse technology into your life?
8 = ’90s – Hip Hop – What part of you will burst free even if you try to suppress it?
9 = ’00s – Auto-Tune – Where in your life are you best able to fix your mistakes?
10 = ’10’s – EDM – What are the old things that you’re trying to make new again?


The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread in Action

The other day, for the New Spread Saturday photo challenge that I co-host each month over on Instagram, I posted a new Tarot spread based on the concepts of reincarnation and karma. After reading the killer write-up and additional blog post that a friend, Joy @joyjjj, posted after she used the spread, I figured I could take a crack at my own design.

So in brief here, the cards seem to be saying that in a previous existence, I was obliged to live in the trenches and make it an ongoing practice to fight off adversaries…but at least I did it with integrity (7 of Wands: “Valour”). This current life is characterized by issues that revolve around material comfort (4 of Disks: “Power”): how much is enough, what do I deserve to have, what will I do with wealth whenever I accumulate it…? I’m heading for a subsequent life dealing with Lovers issues: love, big choices, integration of various parts of myself, and maybe a defining partnership. I can optimize my karmic evolution by retaining faith in my ability to persevere, to know that I have the resources I need, and to embrace the fact that only I can really defeat myself, through self-doubt, self-sabotage, or misguided surrender (9 of Wands: “Strength”).

Maybe the most interesting draw here lies at the center of the Karmic Wheel: what I apparently am, across all of my incarnations is…The Priestess! I’m the cosmic librarian in the Hall of the Akashic Records. Bring me your library cards, seekers, and I’ll fill your heads with wisdom…

Tarot Spread: The Karmic Wheel

It’s the last Saturday of the month, so it’s time again for New Spread Saturday
, that riveting photo challenge over on Instagram brought to you by Tabitha Dial (IG username = @tabithadial), and me, (IG username = @arrowinflight)! You have all day to join in if you like – just cook up an original Tarot spread, take a picture of it, annotate it so we can all duplicate it at home, and then riddle it with applicable hashtags…

For the month of May, recent discussions here about past lives and reincarnation have given rise to: The Karmic Wheel Spread!

1 = Past Life – What you were, echoes of which may still be experienced today.
2 = Present Life – The themes that will define this life, now and after it’s done.
3 = Future Life – What you’ll flow into becoming in your next incarnation.
4 = Axle Grease – What you can add to the mix to optimize your evolutionary process.
5 = The Hub of the Wheel – You. What all of your incarnations add up to. The role that Existence needs you to play in the Grand Scheme.

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The Breathing Cycle Tarot Spread

It’s New Spread Saturday 
again – a once-a-month photo-challenge on Instagram hosted by yours truly and @tabithadial in which participants post an all-new, original Tarot spread. Here’s my entry for April, the Breathing Cycle Spread:

1) Breathe In. Something you need to bring into your life in greater quantities at this time.
2) Hold, Lungs Full. Something you already possess in abundance, but which you may be overlooking or taking for granted. You will do well to celebrate this more actively.
3) Breathe Out. Something you need less of in your life at this juncture.
4) Hold, Lungs Empty. Something you lack that you tend to focus on – your “need” for this is an illusion. You can flourish without it.