TAROT THOUGHT: Can Decks Have Significators?

There’s this practice that’s common among Tarot readers involving the use of what’s called a “Significator card.” The idea is that a person can be consistently represented within a reading or in a meditation by a given card. These Significator cards are often chosen from the subset of the Court Cards, and people will regularly zoom … More TAROT THOUGHT: Can Decks Have Significators?

Tarot Card Meanings: The Magician

We’re starting off Monday with some Magic here, as this morning sees the next in our series of page entries that capture basic Tarot card meanings:meet The Magician! Please continue to feel invited to send in any comments, suggestions, and requests you may have with respect to this growing library of Tarot Card Meanings pages.  Your … More Tarot Card Meanings: The Magician

Dreams…and Dreams in Tarot

I’m back in the saddle here after a week away on the opposite coast.  It was a truly great trip, but now that it’s done, I’m returning to our regularly scheduled posting and updating.  A dream I had in the early morning hours today seemed like a great starting point for launching that return… Dreams… How do … More Dreams…and Dreams in Tarot

TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

I have a bit of a deck-collecting habit. I also have this one friend who feels the need to question this habit of mine. Now, to be clear, my overall deck-buying impulse flares up much less often and much less intensely than it did when I was first bitten by the Tarot bug. To large … More TAROT TIP: Explore Multiple Decks

TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Try arranging the Major cards from one of your decks like this, in a big circle. Line them up carefully, and you’ll see that you get 11 opposing pairs. Then study them to see what kinds of thematic links you can spot between each of the cards that form a given axis. For example, The … More TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle


I feel like the Aces in Tarot are special in their own way, somewhat like the Court Cards are, but maybe even more so, because they’re like a sub-subset hiding within the larger subset of “Numbered Cards.” They’re essentially the 1’s of the deck, but they have a special name, and even in the otherwise … More TAROT TIP: The Aces

TAROT TIP: Dealing with Court Cards

Court Cards: infamous among Tarot practitioners for their slippery refusal to be interpreted with ease. Four Court “ranks” across four Suits yields up 16 distinct personalities to understand and keep track of. That’s a pretty large cast of characters, and without handy “cosmic job descriptions” such as “The Empress” or “The Hermit” to help us … More TAROT TIP: Dealing with Court Cards

Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards

Sometimes when you do a Tarot reading, you end up feeling as much in the dark as you had been when you’d started. The cards aren’t clear…or they don’t seem to apply to your question in any way that you can easily see. One technique for gaining additional insight is to look at what’s called … More Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards

Tarot Toolkit Holiday Special!

Here in the US, we celebrate our independence every 4th of July (or 7/4, as we like to shorthand it). So in order to spread some of that independent feeling around, the Tarot Toolkit Online Course that I co-taught with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot earlier this year – which will enable you to be much more independent as … More Tarot Toolkit Holiday Special!

Tarot Tip: Work with The Empress to Invite Abundance

I had breakfast with The Empress this morning. Does anyone else in the deck say “abundance” to you quite as vigorously? Maybe the people in the happier 9’s and 10’s? Mostly, when I think about growth, fertility, and especially abundance…I think Empress. Therefore…TAROT TIP: if you want to encourage The Empress to hang out with … More Tarot Tip: Work with The Empress to Invite Abundance