Combining Tarot with Meditation

Tarot Tip: combine it with meditation! Meditation Tip: combine it with Tarot! These are definitely two great tastes that taste great together. On the Tarot end, just pick a card that you want to consult with, or that has energy you want to coax into your life in greater quantities. Set the card up in … More Combining Tarot with Meditation

Summer Special!

I’ve been working away at reconfiguring my website and refocusing my business efforts for a while now, with more to come on that front…but as a part of the process, I decided I’d try offering reduced rates as a SUMMER SPECIAL (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, please consider this your Winter Special!). I’m … More Summer Special!

Tarot: Which Suit Goes with Which Element?

Tarot people have a long tradition of associating each of the four Suits with one of the classic Four Elements. No one really seems to question the wisdom of doing this in general. Where the discord does creep in is at that point where you have to settle on specific attributions. Like, should Cups be … More Tarot: Which Suit Goes with Which Element?

Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

I was making coffee earlier, and because coffee makes magic things happen, I was suddenly struck with this analogy from nowhere, explaining how Major and Minor cards in Tarot relate to each other overall.  Try this on for size: In many bodies of classical mythology, you have your humans living on the mortal plane, and … More Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

Another Reason to Love The High Priestess

LIMINAL!!! I’ve been even more into The High Priestess lately than I usually am…and that’s saying something, because along with The Star and The Hanged Man, The High Priestess is a longstanding member of my own personal pool of Top 3 Favorite Cards (bonus question: which ones make up your Top 3?). One of the … More Another Reason to Love The High Priestess

Tarot Tip: Remember the GIGO Principle!

It’s pretty understandable that a Tarot reader might place a lot of focus on what the cards have to say. That seems to be the point of consulting them, right? But a Tarot reading isn’t exactly a one-way monologue performed by the deck. It’s actually a dialogue, a conversation…and that dialogue starts with the reader … More Tarot Tip: Remember the GIGO Principle!

Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Since sales for the Tarot Toolkit Online Course in its new, downloadable format were so brisk yesterday, the Early Bird Special is enjoying a one-day extension!  This is the course aimed especially at beginners that I co-taught earlier this year over a ten-week period with Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot.  You can still get … More Tarot Toolkit Sale Extended!

Tarot Tip: Bird’s-Eye View

It’s pretty natural when interpreting a spread to analyze the cards one at a time – that’s an essential part of any reading. Another really crucial step, though, is to also take stock of the entire array of cards you’ve drawn, after the last one has been turned face-up. This bird’s-eye view assessment can reveal … More Tarot Tip: Bird’s-Eye View

Tarot Tip: Study Your RWS & Thoth!

In the modern Tarot landscape, the overwhelming percentage of decks that you’ll encounter use either the Rider-Waite-Smith deck or the Thoth deck as their “role model.” Most decks closely follow one or the other of those two blueprints, and decks that stray too far from them run the risk of being dismissed by the Tarot … More Tarot Tip: Study Your RWS & Thoth!