Astrology 101: Empty Houses (Part 2)

So in our last post, we looked at empty Houses – that is, Houses in a chart that have no Planets in them. Some simple math will show you that there’s actually no way to not have at least a couple of empty Houses in a chart: even if you prefer a more modern approach … More Astrology 101: Empty Houses (Part 2)

Astrology 101: Meet the Houses (Part 1)

Now we’ve discussed the overall function that the Houses perform in Astrology: while the Planets describe what someone does, and the Signs tell us about how they do it…the Houses point out where all this doing of stuff will occur in that person’s life. The next step is in grasping that just as with the … More Astrology 101: Meet the Houses (Part 1)

Destination: Communication!

I have this practice of kicking off my mornings by drawing a single Rune so as to give me some idea as to what the day ahead might hold for me.  That’s the general concept, anyway — some people use other systems for this kind of daily prognostication instead, such as Tarot or the I … More Destination: Communication!