The DiscoverYou Wellness Expo

Yesterday – March 4, 2018 – I was honored to be included as an exhibitor and speaker at the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo in Warwick, RI, which is a city situated about a standing broad jump from Providence. It was a fantastic event, jam-packed with dozens of skilled, knowledgeable, friendly presenters focusing on all sorts of … More The DiscoverYou Wellness Expo

Pluto Direct

Just this past Thursday, I wrote a post about how distant Pluto was about to station direct following five months spent moving in apparent retrograde fashion. Basically, this would translate for much of us down here on Planet Earth as something like a great, grim psychiatrist-God finally setting aside his pipe after futzing with it … More Pluto Direct

Full Moon on May 10th

This coming Wednesday, the Moon waxes full in the rather intense realm of Scorpio. That means a lot of light shining into a lot of darkness, as Scorpio is the province of such weighty concepts as sex, death, secrets, power dynamics, psychology, and transformation. If you’re in the Providence, RI area, please feel invited to drop … More Full Moon on May 10th

May 5, 2017: Grand Earth Trine

Astro-Happenings: May 5, 2017. Blink hard, and you may miss this one…but for part of today, the Sun, the Moon, and far-distant Pluto will line up in a configuration known as a Grand Earth Trine. Trines are usually thought of as pleasant relationships that form between Planets as they go careening about the sky. When … More May 5, 2017: Grand Earth Trine

“Sit in reverie…”

“…and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind…” (thank you, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!) I have this theory about waves… Maybe best to start with the Continental Divide.  Are you familiar with this concept?  Not to seem too exclusionary and egocentrically focused on North America, but as … More “Sit in reverie…”

“What a dream I had…”

Last night, I had this tremendous dream. In it, I was sitting somewhere outdoors, maybe on a bench in a park, and I was having some kind of meeting with someone.  As he was speaking, I looked up to see this adorable little cat – a kitten, really – in the trees high above us, … More “What a dream I had…”