Tiwaz on Tuesday…

As part of my start-the-morning rituals every day, I pull a single Rune. Some people look at their Sun Sign horoscope over breakfast or coffee. More metaphysically-inclined types will even pull a single Tarot card or consult the I Ching. I pull a Rune. They differ in a lot of ways, but the intent behind each … More Tiwaz on Tuesday…

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

So the topic for this post is the Aettir. What, you may be asking, is an Aettir??  And that would be a perfectly legitimate question.  The first part of the answer is that Aettir is actually a plural word…so the question would more accurately be “What are Aettir?”  The singular is “Aett,” by the way, for future … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 7

In a most exciting development, today’s post sees us turning over the last of the subtle Runes in our ongoing Rune reading example!  Let’s clear up that last bit of mystery: The final piece of our Runic puzzle this time around turns out to be the Rune called Ansuz.  While Ansuz doesn’t come first in … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 7

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 5

We’ll continue on over the course of the next few posts with the process of turning over the “subtle Runes” in this Rune-cast.  You’ll hopefully recall from earlier in the series that this is the term I’ve given to those Runes that land face-down in a scatter, as I believe they signify forces whose effects will … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 5

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

To briefly summarize where we stand, as we enter this fourth post on how to conduct Rune readings: in analyzing this example scatter of Runes, I talked about how I like to take in the number of Runes that I end up using, how they might have distributed themselves after I tossed them onto the landing … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

A verdant visitor…

So yesterday, I posted about the recollection of dreams, and how keeping a dream journal is a recommended move if boosting said dream-recall is something you’d like to achieve.  I have to admit that I’m not currently being especially disciplined about keeping up an ongoing dream journal, myself…but no sooner had I cranked out a … More A verdant visitor…

Alphabet soup

The alphabet. Pretty basic stuff, right?  As children, we learn what we here in the States call at that young age, our “A-B-C’s” — “A,” “B,” and “C,” of course, being the first three letters of said alphabet. But we learn it as “the alphabet,” emphasis on the “the.”  What, exactly, though, is an alphabet…because … More Alphabet soup